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When Will Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Be Available for the Switch and PlayStation? – Answered

Were the Steam versions just a beta test?

As confirmed by Square Enix in December 2022, the Pixel Remaster upgraded versions of the Final Fantasy 1-6 games, which until now were only available on PC and mobile platforms, will arrive on Switch and PlayStation 4 (also playable on PlayStation 5). From the end of last year until now, we only had confirmation that these games would be released for the mentioned systems as well, but there were no other details – and now, we finally have more information about these long-awaited remakes, so let’s find out when will Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters be available for the Switch and PlayStation.

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When Will Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Be Available for the Switch and PlayStation?

The release date is – April 19, 2023! That is a month earlier than the previously predicted date. Now its official – all six Pixel Remaster Final Fantasy games will be released on the same day for Switch and PlayStation and will be offered as a bundle for $75 or individually for $12 to $18.

When we talked about these remasters before, there was a concern that these games would be simply ported from PC and mobile platforms without many changes. Fortunately, from Square Enix’s latest announcement, it was revealed that Switch and PlayStation versions will come with a few new changes:

  • New Pixel Font will be added (on PC this had to be modded because the default font was awful)
  • The option to switch between original retro music and newly arranged versions of the OST
  • More options to make the games easier by adjusting encounter rates, Gil, EXP gain, etc.

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We won’t have to wait long to play some of these RPG classics on PlayStation or Switch, where they’ll feel right at home; hopefully, Square Enix will do a good job of optimizing these retro titles and give us a reason to finish them all once more.

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