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When does Pikmin 4 Release? – Answered

Sooner than you think.

by Jesse Vitelli

Pikmin 4 was initially announced back in the September 2022 Nintendo Direct. While we didn’t have a release date at that time, we knew it would release in 2023. After the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, we now have a release date. When does Pikmin 4 release? We have the answer for you below.

When does Pikmin 4 Release? – Answered

Pikmin 4 releases on Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2023. This information comes from the latest trailer and gameplay demo shown off during the Nintendo Direct.

The trailer shows off a whole new world for players to explore alongside new characters like Ice Pikmin and a lovable dog that will help you traverse the environment.

You can watch the full trailer below, which will give you plenty to sink your teeth into while you wait for Pikmin 4 to release later this year.

Here’s the official YouTube description of the game.

“Chart a mysterious planet with curious plantlike Pikmin that come in different types in Pikmin 4—like the brand-new Ice Pikmin! The capable canine, Oatchi, will also help to overcome big challenges”

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If you haven’t picked up a Pikmin game before, don’t worry; you won’t be missing out on any key story beats or gameplay mechanics. Anyone can hop into the game an enjoy it single-player or with friends and family in co-op.

Stay tuned for more Pikmin news in the coming months as we learn more about the game ahead of its release.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about when Pikmin 4 releases on the Nintendo Switch. To keep up with the rest of the wild announcements from the February 2023 Nintendo Direct. You can also check out the release date for the highly anticipated sequel The Legend of Zelda; Tears of the Kingdom, which comes out soon.

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