When Does Chapter 29 Release In Dead by Daylight?

Get ready for a whole new chapter in Dead by Daylight.

It’s always exciting when something new is in the pipeline, especially when it’s a promised licensed pack. Knowing that we just got Nicolas Cage into the game is compelling enough already, but some of the rumors swirling around the Fog seem almost too good to be true. While we may need to wait just a bit longer, it’s nowhere near as long as it may seem. When do we finally get more information about Chapter 29, and what may be included?

When Will We Learn More About Chapter 29 in Dead by Daylight?

Thanks to prominent Dead by Daylight leakers on social media, it seems we may get our first taste of the new chapter within the coming weeks, with Chapter 29 going live before the end of August 2023. While there is no exact date for a teaser, it is expected to come out any time between July 30 and August 4. There is currently no concrete date for release; it seems the time for a new chapter is rapidly approaching.

According to @LeaksByDaylight, it seems we can expect the PTB (Public Test Build) to go live around August 9, with a full release of the new chapter emerging on August 30. Leakers have teased plenty of different characters, from horror icon Candyman, to a specific set of animatronics finally making their way into the Fog.

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Not only that, there is a second licensed character/chapter coming out sometime in October, so if your favorite pick doesn’t make it into the Trail this time around, there is a chance that you may see them in the future. Constant rumors are floating around for characters that will finally come into the game, and if they could get Nicolas Cage, it seems the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re a new player hoping to jump into the shoes of a unique and stylish killer or someone that has been playing for years at this point, be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight section below to learn more about your favorite asymmetrical multiplayer game.

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