When did Aether Gazer Release? – Answered

Almost lost it in all the other waifu games out there

With all of the games that are releasing this spring, it’s easy to lose sight of just about any of them—Aether Gazer is among the many open-world games centered around anime and sci-fi to release in the midst of this wave. And it’s competing with some pretty big names out there thus far, so when exactly did Aether Gazer release and how much have we missed out on thus far?

What is Aether Gazer’s Release Date?

Don’t feel bad if you blinked and missed it, Aether Gazer was initially slated for release way back in 2022 but given the bulk of this project, it actually didn’t release until May 23 of this year. 

It’s actually not doing too bad for itself either. The company itself is forthright with updates, bugs, and upcoming events on its Twitter Page and it’s got quite an interesting character lineup even if I did notice some that look suspiciously like Hatsune Miku and Kazuha from Genshin Impact. But then again, who hasn’t been making characters that look similar to popular Vocaloid idols? 

In light of their recent competition with bigger companies, it was probably smarter for Yostar to continue waiting as long as they did, not only to improve on the graphics of their game but to wait out the excitement for other games with a larger budget and notoriety. Thus far, it has pretty great reviews however, it is restricted to only a few stores available for download. 

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Where to Download Aether Gazer

Thus far, you can only continue to play Yostars games on mobile and select tablets, so Aether Gazer is available for download on Google Play for Android and the Apple Store for iPhones and iPads. This limits the places where you can play Aether Gazer, but so far, it’s got some solid ratings and continues to try to improve user experience each time there is an issue.

Since Aether Gazer is separate from its early Chinese debut and the Global server, it is already in the works that the publisher will be working to make Aether Gazer available on PC in the future. It’ll likely be quite similar to how Honkai Impact is available on Steam and has key binds that will attach to its usual Mobile inputs. 

The game continues to come out with updates and is doing successfully on its Global servers. If you’d like to keep up with the game’s progress, look at the Aether Gazer Official Twitter page where updates will continue to be posted in English for the global servers. 

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