What We Know About Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC (So Far)

The space has been shattered, or whatever they're going for.

Starfield is well on its way, with release only a week or two our depending on the edition you purchased. While there’s more than enough excitement for that, many are wondering what this Shattered Space DLC is, which comes with the Premium Edition at around $40 more than the base game. It also comes with the Constellation Edition if you pre-ordered that already. Here’s what we know about the Shattered Space DLC for Starfield.

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What is the Shattered Space DLC for Starfield?

The Shattered Space DLC is the first piece of major story content being added after launch to Starfield. While we don’t have a definitive release date, we can likely expect it to release sometime in the middle of 2024 given how long past DLCs for other Bethesda titles took to release. The DLC will likely add a bunch of new features such as ship customization and weapons, among other things. It’ll also likely add a new location to explore, though all of this is pure speculation.

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As for how substantial of a DLC it’ll be, we can also use past DLCs to infer that. Skyrim’s major DLCs each take around 6-7 hours to complete. Fallout 4’s Far Harbor also took the same amount of time, with Nuka-World being the outlier at 11 hours. Because of this, you should expect Shattered Space to take around the same amount of time to complete.

If this all doesn’t give you enough reason to purchase the more expensive edition, that’s completely fair. If you choose to wait, then chances are you’ll be spending $20-30 on the DLC itself. That’s pure speculation, though, and the actual DLC could be more or less.

That’s about all that’s known so far, unfortunately. Once Bethesda diverges more details, we’ll update this article accordingly. In the meantime, check out our guide on whether Starfield will have a level cap.

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