Does Starfield Have a Level Cap?

Level 1 BILLION... not really.

Starfield Multiplayer

Starfield is fast approaching, set to launch in early access on September 1 and for everyone else on September 6. The excitement is both immeasurable and understandable, given that it’s Bethesda’s first game since Fallout 76 and their first new IP in well over two decades. Given that excitement, you may be wondering just how much you can grind before that grind has no effect anymore. Here’s whether Starfield will have a level cap.

Is There a Max Level in Starfield?

The team at Bethesda have yet to confirm or deny whether there is a level cap in Starfield, but there’s a handful of things that can tell us it won’t be much of a concern. For one, Bethesda’s previous singleplayer RPG Fallout 4 had no limit to level cap, at least to any realistic degree. You technically can’t level in that game past 65,535, but there’s no reason or realistic way to get there.

The other bit of evidence comes in way of what players have noticed in footage so far, which shows enemies at level 75 at most. This means the level cap is likely pretty high, and you’ll at least be able to make a substantial build before you hit the max.

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What Will the Max Level Be?

As for what the max level will be exactly, that we’re in the dark on. While it’s likely that it won’t be of concern, given that previous games let you get every skill possible, we don’t want to say anything definitive without the evidence. Once we do have an exact level cap for you, we’ll be sure to update this article.

While we don’t have a level cap for you, we do have information on every known faction in Starfield so far. Be sure to keep an eye on that, as we’ll update it once more factions have been revealed.

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