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Starfield Special Edition Chair Featured

If you’re a game-exclusive merch aficionado, you’re probably used to some exceptionally rare items such as the Starfield GPU/CPU unveiled at QuakeCon earlier this month. But Bethesda went a step further with their new partnership with TEMPUR, bringing to life a beautiful and absurdly big Starfield gaming chair inspired by a spaceship cockpit. Yeah, you read that correctly. And this chair can be yours, if you’re lucky enough.

How to Win the Special Starfield Dream Chair

The Dream Chair, as it’s called, is equipped with an arcade-style controller, for some reason, and it’s almost as big as my whole setup, chair included. There’s only one of it in existence, and the chair is currently on display at Gamescom, but it will be placed at the Saturn Xperion game store later this week, only to be moved again to a TEMPUR store at a later date. But you can’t buy it on any of these occasions.

If you REALLY want to turn your room into a complete gaming spaceship, you’ll have to participate and win the charity raffle hosted by Xbox and TEMPUR in late 2023. No official dates were given yet, but since the chair will be placed in the TEMPUR during October, it’s safe to expect the raffle to happen around late November or December 2023.

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Yeah, this can be quite a bummer. Especially if you were really interested in having no free space in your room. But just like the Starfield PC components, this is more of a promotional item than something that can be easily mass-produced. There are already plans for an official Starfield gaming chair by Noblechairs, but with way less spaceship-ness in it.

But if you really want to have at least the experience of sitting in a gaming cockpit for once (would be a fun story to tell your kids one day), you can visit the chair in any of its locations in Germany before the raffle begins. Only a chair this big is fitting for a game with such huge files.

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