AMD Reveals Starfield GPU and CPU and They’re Beautiful

Time to stargaze while looking at your cabinet

Starfield Limited Edition CPU GPU Featured

If you ever thought the hype for Starfield couldn’t grow even higher, Bethesda would love to prove you wrong. During the Quakecon 2023 showcase, the studio unveiled the exclusive Starfield Limited Edition Graphics Card and CPU, a new collab with AMD featuring these amazing game-themed PC components.

As one of the most amazing announcements, the good news is that you won’t necessarily need to pay for these exclusive parts. The bad news is that you might not even get them at all, ever.

Exclusive, Otherworldly Starfield Graphics Distributed via Giveaway

The exclusive AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D Processor Starfield Limited Edition Box and the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Starfield Limited Edition Graphics Cards are another boon granted from the AMD x Bethesda collab for Starfield. It’s not a coincidence that these are the exact same recommended specs for the “absolute best Starfield™ experience.”, according to the collab site.

But as stated above, you’ll have to get your hands dirty in order to grab one of these. Instead of being readily available for purchase at retail stores, the Starfield Edition CPU and GPU will be instead distributed through a giveaway at Quakecon. They will be available for both live attendees and online watchers, but only 500 of them were produced.

There are no extra details on this giveaway at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as more info comes up. 

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With such small availability, they are already automatically worth some big numbers, so be ready to lose some of your life savings if you’re really willing to get the absolute Starfield experience.

If you were thinking about getting an upgrade to play the game in September, various retailers are giving out a free copy of Starfield when you buy certain AMD series CPUs/GPUs. Take a look at the retailers here.

The marketing for the game is reaching some otherworldly incredible levels. I would die for one of these beautiful GPUs, but I guess I’ll have to let them go for now. Having one of the game’s special editions might be more than enough.

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