What Time is CS2 Coming Out? Counter-Strike 2 Release Date Explained

Is today the day?

Will Counter Strike 2 Have an Open Beta - Answered

Counter-Strike has been held in such high regard over the years, that only one true game can dethrone it from its rightful spot at the top: Counter-Strike 2. After years of speculation and rumors, CS2 was finally announced in March 2023, and fans have been waiting to get their hands on the finished product since then. With no official release date given to fans, but plenty of hints and nods toward their community, we may be on the verge of a surprise Counter Strike 2 drop.

UPDATE: Counter-Strike 2 is Available Now

As of 1:45 PM PT / 4:45 PM ET, September 27, 2023, Counter-Strike 2 is available to download free from Steam.

When Will Counter Strike 2 Release?

While they still have not released any concrete time or date that they are planning to release this highly anticipated new shooter, their X (formerly known as Twitter) account changed their banner this morning, giving fans hope that Counter-Strike 2 will be released either sometime today, September 27, 2023, or tomorrow. Chances are, with the Dawn of a New Day branding, it will likely drop sometime today.

Tweet via @CounterStrike on X (formerly known as Twitter)

They even seem to be memorializing the passing of the torch from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Counter-Strike 2 with replies on their account. This leads us to believe that the release date is coming quickly, and a shadowdrop is imminent.

However, it’s hard to say if they’re, once again, trolling their fans with this branding. Make sure you know how to check for Steam outages if this game does release today because it can only be assumed that the servers are going to reach a critical mass if it happens. We’ll update this post if we discover any new information regarding the release date.

Until Counter-Strike 2 releases, however, be sure that you’re checking out our CS2 section below to get your hands on plenty of helpful tips and tricks that will help you master the new game as soon as it launches. Don’t you dare try to cheat when this game comes out, or you’ll be facing plenty of consequences.

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