Will Counter-Strike 2 Be on Consoles? – Answered

After so much neglect, will the console owners catch a break?
Will Counter Strike 2 Have an Open Beta - Answered

Previously in gaming history, cross-platform has just been a wild imagination, but as time progressed, a great bunch of multiplayer games have become cross-platform, which means you can duke it out with and against people from PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Unfortunately enough, CS:GO didn’t quite celebrate itself on consoles, but some players still hope that there might be a chance that Counter-Strike 2 lands on modern-age PlayStation and Xbox iterations. Will this be the case, however? Let’s find out. Welcome to Prima Games.

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Will Counter-Strike 2 Be on PlayStation 4 and 5?

When it comes to PlayStation, historically, CS:GO has been available on PlayStation 3, but it never took off properly. In addition to that, from what I’ve gathered, there were multiple issues, including some GDPR legal stuff, which nowadays limits CS:GO on PS3 to bot games in single-player. And in most cases, you won’t be able to buy it now at all!

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Technically speaking, PlayStation 4 hardware should be able to push out CS:GO, and probably Counter-Strike 2 as well, and if Valve finds the will, and finds the way, there might be a chance that Counter-Strike 2 appears on the PSN store. However, who knows what matchmaking would look like if the game becomes cross-platform in this scenario. Other FPS games have done it, but you never know. So far, Valve has not made any statements about whether or not CS2 will be available on PlayStation consoles.

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There’s a YouTuber who attempted to play CS:GO on PS3 so you can see how it looks.

Will Counter-Strike 2 Be on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S?

Unlike the situation with the PlayStation Store, there are still traces of CS:GO on the Xbox Store. You, unfortunately, also cannot purchase CS:GO for Xbox 360 now, but the game is labeled as playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Similar to PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S should be good enough to run Counter-Strike 2. However, truth be told, Valve has not officially mentioned anything regarding the availability of CS2 on the Xbox platform. Both PlayStation and Xbox owners are hoping for positive news, but unfortunately, we can only wait now.

Here is how CS:GO on Xbox looks in the year 2023 (spoiler: not good).

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Will Counter-Strike 2 Be Cross-Platform?

So far, CS:GO is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. That, technically speaking, might count as cross-platform. The same plans are probably in the works for Counter-Strike 2, but a “TRVE” Cross-Platform experience would happen if Valve made Counter-Strike 2 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles of the last two generations and connected them into one matchmaking pool. People are more inclined to believe that this will not be the case, but at any rate, we need to wait for Valve to make an official announcement regarding the matter. There are a lot of miles to walk until Summer 2023, but at the same time, it’s just around the corner. Quite the time paradox, right? Thank you for visiting Prima Games. Check out the Counter-Strike 2 tag under this article for more CS2 content. See you soon!

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