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How Will New Smoke Grenade Mechanics Change the Meta in Counter Strike 2? – Answered

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by Nikola L
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Counter-Strike 2 is real. A lot of hints were coming over the course of past years, and everybody expected it to release for the anniversary of CS:GO, however, Valve pulled a fast one on all of us and just suddenly and officially revealed that a new Counter-Strike game is coming out, and that it will carry the name “Counter-Strike 2”. The memes are real, Gabe Newell doesn’t like the number 3 or can’t count to three (based on Half-Life, Portal, Dota, and Left 4 Dead games).

One of the key changes in Counter-Strike 2 (so far) is a new way Smoke Grenades will work. Everyone’s first question is about how they will impact the game and change the meta in Counter-Strike 2, and this question is what Prima Games is hoping to answer in this guide.

How Are New Smoke Grenade Mechanics in Counter-Strike 2 Going To Impact the Meta?

In order to get introduced to how the Smoke Grenades will work in upcoming Counter-Strike sequel, you should have a look at the brief video made by Valve Software:

YouTube / Valve Software

Now that you’ve seen how amazing the new Smoke Grenades work, let’s discuss their potential impact on the meta.

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From what can be easily seen, one-way smokes are not going to be possible anymore. HE Grenades can be used as a trick (that, technically, will have an audible premonition to your opponents) with which you will be able, with sufficiently good reflexes, to use to your advantage if you are fast enough to spot the enemy and earn a frag before the Smoke Grenade re-develops the smoke curtain.

Smoking in hallways and narrow areas will be easier and more efficient since the smoke will properly fill the area, with less effort to top it all.

And most importantly, smokes will last 3.5 seconds longer than in CS:GO.

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Randomly spraying through the smoke curtain will basically reveal your position and get you killed easily. So, don’t expect results when you load up your Negev and start shooting randomly.

Other effects are currently not easy to gauge, and the community can’t really get a read on this situation. What might be certain is that we might be binning all of our Smoke guides or reworking them from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2. See you soon at Prima Games, make sure to check back our Counter Strike 2 tag for new content.

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