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Will Counter Strike 2 Have an Open Beta? – Answered

Everybody wants to get into the CS2 early

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Will Counter Strike 2 Have an Open Beta - Answered

After many rumors, it turns out that Counter Strike 2 is absolutely real – and it’s coming out very soon! The legendary competitive online shooter from Valve has received different iterations several times, but this time there are some significant changes in the mechanics and gameplay – and there are even new smoke grenades, oh my!

Many fans are wondering if they will be able to try the new Counter-Strike through the beta version before it gets released in the Summer of 2023, so let’s find out if Counter Strike 2 will have an Open Beta.

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Will Counter Strike 2 Have an Open Beta? – Answered

Alright, so here is the deal – the Limited Test actually started on March 22 with some CS Global Offensive players getting access automatically with the invitation that appeared in their game menus. How were these players selected? Presumably, their Steam account standing and recent playtime stats had an impact, i.e. very active players were selected. So, if you weren’t lucky enough to be selected for now, keep playing CS:GO I guess, until that invitation pops up.

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As for the Open Beta that you could sign up for, it has not been officially announced yet, but with the same rumors that leaked the announcement of the game came with the information that the open beta testing for Counter Strike 2 will start by the end of March or during April. This fits in with the timeline of the launch of the current limited access beta test at the end of March.

Counter Strike 2 is definitely coming soon, and as it is a big competitive online game – many beta tests are definitely yet to come, so you just have to be patient.

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