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How Many People Get Access to Counter-Strike 2 Limited Testing? – Answered

Will there be a limit?

by Patrick Souza
CS 2 Maximum Players Limited Testing

It’s official: Counter Strike 2 is real, and it’s (almost) here! Kind of, because the game still has to go through its testing periods. While the actual game will be released a little bit later in the year, the most avid CS:GO players can have a taste of how this new, updated version will play out by participating in the Limited Testings. But how many of them will have the honor to actually join this special period?

How Many Players Will Get Into Counter Strike 2 Limited Testings? – Answered

While Valve has stated that various factors are accounted for when measuring eligibility for the CS 2 Limited Test, they made no mention of a maximum number of playtesters, suggesting that there might be no limit for how many people can join those tests before Summer 2023 arrives dropping the full game for everyone.

When we take a look at Valve’s official Q&A page for the CS 2 Limited Test, the closest we got to a statement talking about the maximum number of players included in the beta was the following:

How often are players added to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test?

More players will be added to the Limited Test over time. Keep checking your CS:GO main menu to see if you have received an invite.

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Beta tests are known for being quite buggy and for stressing the hell out of the servers. The game runs directly from CS:GO itself, as it’s actually a direct upgrade for it. The GO servers are more than capable of holding themselves against lots of concurrent players, though, so expect CS 2 to be at least similar to that.

All XP earned in the tests is also carried over to CS:GO, so that’s another huge incentive for players to give it a try. This doesn’t seem like something they would do if there was actually a limited maximum number of players. You even get to use your GO items in it. So if you’re done ranking up, why bother with the previous game?

With all that said, it’s very possible that there will be no limit number of players for this Limited Testing. We’ll make sure to let you know if anything changes down the line. Hopefully, it won’t.

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