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Is Steam Down?

Even the mighty can stumble.

by Aidan O'Brien

Steam, the platform developed by Valve, has become a mainstay with PC gamers over the years and is likely to remain the number one online destination to purchase PC games until the sun burns out. With over 60 million customers a day, and over 50,000 games for sale, you can expect things might go wrong from time to time.

Is Steam down? 

For those trying to get on the Steam website, through the client, or through the site itself, many are being hit with the Error Code “118” or a plethora of other error codes. The reason for this, today at least, is the launch of the Steam Summer Sale. That’s right. It is the cheap game season.

Error Code 118 usually means that the wanted response is not happening due to the inability to connect to the server. This could mean the server is offline or that the user itself is not connected. Since so many have this issue, it’s fair to say that the server on their side is struggling. The likely cause is simple congestion, as Steam is about to set records for how many customers it deals with in one day.

Each Summer Sale sees Steam draw another year of user base growth on the same day, and each year it becomes more challenging to get onto the platform for the first couple of hours of the sale. Steam veterans will be well aware of this, but newer users might be desperate to log on, so all you need to do is wait for an hour or so, and everything should be right with the world.

Remember, one of the best ways to check the status of the Steam platform is by using The site will provide all manner of information about Steam and the various games that it runs.

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