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Starfield is very close now, set to release in just a few short days for early access players and on September 6 for nonearly access players. It’s really exciting to see Bethesda release a new single-player RPG for the first time in years, not to mention the first new IP from the team in decades. With so much excitement behind it, you may wonder when you can dive into the new universe. Here’s what time Starfield releases in your region.

Starfield Release Times on Steam, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Series X|S

Due to the way time zones work, Starfield will technically release on different days, depending on where you live. You’ll still access it at the same time as everyone else, but it won’t be at the same exact clock time (god, time zones are confusing). With that out of the way, here are the exact release times that Starfield releases:

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  • Los Angeles – August 31 at 5 PM PDT
  • Ciudad De Mexico – August 31 at 6 PM CST
  • Chicago – August 31 at 7 PM CDT
  • New York – August 31 at 8 PM EDT
  • Sau Paulo – August 31 at 9 PM BRT
  • London – September 1 at 1 AM BST
  • Paris – September 1 at 2 AM CEST
  • Saudi Arabia – September 1 at 3 AM AST
  • India – September 1 at 5:30 AM IST
  • Hong Kong/China – September 1 at 8 AM HKT/CST
  • Japan – September 1 at 9 AM JST
  • Sydney – September 1 at 10 AM AEST
  • Auckland – September 1 at 12 PM NZST

Keep in mind that the above times are for the early access release of Starfield. If you’re playing at the full release of Starfield, then you’ll want to use the same times for each region but for September 5/6 instead of August 31/September 1.

If you’re looking for more details about the game before launch, check out our guide on whether Starfield will have mod support.

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