Does Starfield Have Denuvo? – Answered

Denuvo - A love/hate relationship.

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Denuvo has been a hot topic among the gaming community for a while now, where half of the community is in favor of it, while the other half despises it. You might be wondering what Denuvo exactly is and how it affects Starfield. Well, it is an anti-tampering software used in games to prevent privacy and cheating, along with the ability to mod the game. But will it be present in Starfield? We will answer that question in this guide.

Will There Be Denuvo In Starfield?

A screenshot from Starfield showing the player overlooking a large space mountain with a planet in the distance.
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As of yet, there has been no official confirmation from Bethesda Game Studios regarding the inclusion of Denuvo or any other anti-tampering software in Starfield. However, Todd Howard, Executive Producer of Starfield, mentioned in a podcast that the game will have modding support to make it better for a long lifespan.

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This gives us some ray of hope since the only possible way you can mod the game is if it does not have any anti-tampering software in its files. Denuvo is one of those software that restricts the game files to be tampered with, meaning players cannot mod the game. But since Todd has confirmed that there will be support for the modding community, this means it is unlikely that Denuvo or any other DRM is present in the game.

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On top of that, it is not in the history books of Bethesda Game Studios to use any anti-tampering software on their games. Some examples are Fallout and Elder Scroll games, which did not have any DRM. Also, with the acquisition of Bethesda Game Studios by Microsoft, it is possible that they only implement their own DRM to the game, which does not affect performance or prevent the modders from making changes to the game files.

At the end of the day, all of these are speculations. It is yet to be confirmed by the studio if the game will feature Denuvo or not. Whatever may be the case, we hope that the game has good things to offer its fanbase.

Starfield release is right around the corner, and pre-loading has already begun. If you want to check whether your PC can handle the game or not, check out our Starfield Minimum and Recommended PC System Requirements guide.

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