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Starfield is the next big Bethesda game, and we know how players can (and will) often improve, modify, and innovate this particular producer’s games in the most different ways known to man. So it’s more than important to ask the million-dollar question: Will we be able to freely mod Starfield as we did with Skyrim, Fallout, and many of the other previous titles from the company?

Can You Mod Starfield?

The answer is yes. Starfield will have easy access to mods as Bethesda’s stance on external modifications on their games has always been very accepting and encouraging. And it doesn’t seem like this will be changing in the near future. Or ever, to be honest.

Quoting from his official Reddit AMA from 2021, Game Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard has confirmed that the game will have full mod support. In his own words, “[The] modding community has been with us for 20 years. We love what they do and hope to see more make a career out of it”.

And looking at Bethesda’s history, we can be sure he means it. The company is known for hiring modders who gain their attention through their hard work and dedication to reimagining and reorganizing the pre-established worlds Bethesda themselves have made in the past. 

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Back in 2022, one of the modders for the upcoming Fallout: London DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4 was hired as an Associate Level Designer for Bethesda. This is far from being an isolated case, as they have also recruited some prominent Skyrim modders throughout the years.

And imagining what type of mods the community will come up with when the game is finally out is even more exciting. From visual improvements to classics like adding Shrek, Spongebob and Thomas the Tank to the game, not even the sky is the limit for this new space-exploring RPG with seemingly infinite possibilities. And a huge main campaign too.

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