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What is the Red Prince’s Tribute in Remnant 2? – Answered

Can't say I'd ask for my dead soldier's belongings as tribute, but that's just me.

While they aren’t super common in Remnant 2, some bosses will have alternate ways of dealing with them. Often these involve very limited or no use of your weapons, meaning blood doesn’t have to be spilled. We don’t need to answer which one is more fun though. If you’re looking to go for alternate kill methods, dealing with the Red Prince can be a little confusing. Here’s what the Red Prince’s tribute is in Remnant 2.

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How to Get the Red Prince’s Tribute in Remnant 2

When first approaching the Red Prince in the Gilded Chambers of Remnant 2, he’ll ask you to provide a tribute to him for what you’ve done to his castle or face a fiery end from his blade. You can go for the latter and enjoy a badass fight with the Fae’s newest leader, but the alternate kill can be an exciting way to handle a repeat playthrough. He asks you for tribute, though what exactly his tribute is is unclear.

Ironically, you will need to handle his forces if you wish to handle things this way. While traversing the Gilded Chambers, you’ll run into certain Elites that are like his royal guard. Not the mages or the brutish, cloaked beasts, but true soldiers of his that can teleport. Killing them will drop a Crimson King Coin, of which you’ll need three to snag the alternate kill.

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Once you’ve acquired the three Crimson King Coins, return to his chambers and give him the tribute to unlock the alternate method, with him being nice enough to give you a Bloody Steel Splinter. Take this to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the Blood Draw melee mod. This mod shoots five chains that pull enemies toward you, dealing damage and applying Bleeding to the targets.

If you’re looking for more details on alternate ways to deal with bosses, check out our guide on whether you should kill or be eaten by Tal Ratha in Remnant 2.

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