Remnant 2: How to Find Soul Sparks

Just how many sparks are there?

Remnant 2 Sawblade Battle
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While going through the main story of Remnant 2, you’ll often find yourself tasked with completing quests that have no clear answer until you’ve explored the region fully. Take the quest for Yaesha, where you’re asked to kill an “Abomination” with no clear path to said Abomination until you’ve explored. There’s a similar case with N’Erud, though the answer to the question is even more obscure. Here’s how to find Soul Sparks in Remnant 2.

Where Are the Soul Sparks in Remnant 2?

Before you can find the Soul Sparks, you first must get to the correct location. After speaking with the mysterious voice in the gas, you’ll need to make your way through the Abyssal Rift to either the Hatchery or the Putrid Domain dungeon. When you come out the other end, you’ll be in the Eon Vault region. From there, you’re looking for the main vault. The location will change from playthrough to playthrough, but we’ve provided an image of what it looks like below to know where you need to go. It’s tough to miss.

Remnant 2 Eon Vault
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Once there, head inside and head to the end of the hall to grab the Soul Spark Cylinder, the item you need for the quest. Once you’ve obtained it, a few enemies will spawn, so watch yourself. You can also run back to the airlock if you don’t want to waste ammo or health. With that done, you’re free to continue on with the quest and find the Astropath’s Temple. It’ll be located within the same Eon Vault region, so that shouldn’t be difficult to find. Good luck!

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