What is the Max Level in Skyrim? – Level Cap Explained

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Skyrim Max Level
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The leveling system in Skyrim has been contentious, and the max level wasn’t very high when the game was initially released. With subsequent updates though, the max level for Skyrim has been increased and the level cap became much higher, which made the odd experience system a bit better overall. So, what is the max level in Skyrim now?

What is the Max Level in Skyrim?

The max level in Skyrim is level 252. When the Elder Scrolls V was released, the cap started as 81, and the number of perks that players could earn was much lower. After the 1.9 update, Legendary Skills were added to the standard trees in the perk screen. Instead of being limited to one set of skills throughout a playthrough, the 252 max cap allows players to get every skill in the game.

Any time you reach the max level in a skill tree, which is always 100, you will have the choice to make the tree Legendary. This works like a prestige system would, and it sets the specific tree back to level 1. At this point, you have to level the tree back up to 100, but you retain all the perks and experience that you gained in Skyrim beforehand.

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What made this such a game-changer was the fact that you could officially stick to leveling one kind of playstyle. If I wanted to focus on two-handed weapons, I could continuously level and reset the skill tree until I had all the perks I wanted in Skyrim. Gone are the days of spamming speech checks or blocking giant hammers and swings with your shield to max out all the trees.

With enough time invested into the skill system, you can eventually reach the max level of 252 in Skyrim. However, that takes more than a few hours, and only the truly invested adventurers will reach that cap.

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