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Will Skyrim Be on PSVR2? – Answered

Psst, hey kids. Wanna buy some Skyrim? AGAIN!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Will Skyrim be on PSVR2 - Answered

The new system is out, and the first question you have is, of course, is Skyrim releasing on it? A logical question, because the hit game from 2011 has been released for almost all devices that work on electric power – so will Skyrim be on PSVR2? Let’s find out.

Will Skyrim Be on PSVR2?

Skyrim has not been announced for PSVR2 yet, nor is it part of the launch lineup of games for the new PlayStation VR system. However, this does not mean that we will never see this port. Bethesda is technically a part of Microsoft now, but that didn’t stop them from releasing their games on other systems, especially when they are in “friendly Microsoft mode” as recently, in order to prove that they are actually not evil monopolists so that the Activision Blizzard acquisition could go through.

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Also, the first PSVR for PlayStation 4 had its own version of Skyrim, which was excellent, but since the games from the system are not compatible with PSVR2, a completely new version is needed – or maybe an update patch?

What Could Skyrim Bring to PSVR2 We Haven’t Seen Before?

For starters, a potential PSVR2 version of Skyrim could have much better graphics; the PlayStation 4 barely coped with the “greatly optimized” Bethesda engine, as usual, while the PlayStation 4 Pro improved things somewhat. However, with more powerful PlayStation 5 and PSVR2, players on consoles could finally get Skyrim in VR with proper good graphics and no frame-rate issues, meaning a much smoother experience.

Also, while Skyrim VR was played on the first PSVR with the help of slightly clunky Move controllers, the new VR2 Sense controllers could do a much more precise job while wielding a mace or casting spells, with all the additional haptic feedback both in the controller and through vibrations in the headset itself – more immersion!

So, yeah, Skyrim for PSVR2 does sound like a good ide, though whether we will actually see it remains to be seen.

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