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What is the Code for the C4 Bomb in CS:GO?

You just can't remember it, right?

by Nikola L

Counter-Strike recently celebrated its 22nd birthday, and CS:GO its 10th birthday, making the franchise one of the longest-living and most popular ones in the FPS genre and in gaming in general (Street Fighter’s very long tradition comes to mind, for example). Even though a lot of stuff has changed significantly over the course of the past two decades, there are a plethora of things that more or less remained the same in Counter-Strike, and one of them is the code for the C4 Bomb on defusal (de_) maps. In this guide, Prima Games will tell you the code for the C4 Bomb explosive and a little bit of history on that.

Which Number is on the C4 Bomb in Counter-Strike?

You have seen this number thousands of times guaranteed, but you have never paid attention to it. Or you did, and you forgot what the number was. Anyway, we’re not here to quiz you or put you in a state of hypnosis to get that information out from you; we’re here to help (although in other ways). The code is below:

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totally top secret c4 code in counter-strike

What Does 7355608 Mean in CS:GO?

Officially speaking, Valve has never made a statement about this number. But of course, given that this is an early 2000s game, some theories from some very old forums.

Allegedly, when you use the “leet speak” (I feel old for writing this) 7355608 can be read as “TESSBOB”. And then, you reverse the order of these letters, to get “BOBSSET”. When you hold your C4 in Counter-Strike: Source, you can see the letter “M” next to the number 0 on the keypad. Again, allegedly, when you conveniently add the letter “M” in the above mass of letters, you get “BOMBSSET” which would, in English, mean “Bomb’s Set.” Weird, right?

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How to Change the C4 Bomb Code in CS:GO and Make it Custom

AmitKilo made an excellent tutorial for this process which you can check out below:

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