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Image via Valve Software Press Kit

All Dust 2 Callouts in CS2: Map Guide

New to Dust 2 and CS:GO? Come on in!

Dust 2 (or de_dust2) is the most popular map in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it might be the case for CS2, too. It’s so popular that some other FPS games (including blatant Counter-Strike knock-offs) have stolen its design. It’s no wonder, really. The map has been entertaining players for over 20 years now, which is indeed a feat. This is why we are, to honor the popularity of this map, releasing this Callout guide for Dust 2 so that if you’re new to it, you can familiarize yourself with the locations within and make communication with your team as easy as possible. Relaying precise information about the enemy’s whereabouts to your teammates helps them to understand where to look for opponents.

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Dust II Map Callout Guide for Counter-Strike 2

Below is the layout of Dust II with all the relevant terms listed. In this article, we will add some info for each and mention the history of the callout, if there is any. Basically, it all stays the same as in previous iterations of CS.

Image source: Valve, TotalCSGO

Where do we even begin? There are just so many spots. Let’s start with T Spawn and we’ll see where this goes.

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T Spawn

This is where the bad guys spawn, duh. Back in the day, you could see through Mid Doors from here.


Called this because a CT can snipe you from CT Mid through the doors and you have almost nowhere to look for cover as you are running. By the time you can deploy a smoke for the doors, the advantage you would have gotten by rushing through Suicide is lost.

Right Side Mid / Green

Called “Green” because there was a green box in Counter-Strike at Top Mid.

Top Mid ( Barrels, Palm )

Top Mid is generally the area above the mid ramp. Barrels are a specific spot that’s commonly used for sniping, which can relay the info better to your teammates. Palm was there in Counter-Strike: Source, but now there’s a telephone pole around the barrels.


Named not because of the popular Microsoft console, but because of the “X” it had on the side of the box back in Counter-Strike.

Catwalk (Cat)

The probable implication is that it resembles a catwalk, with a short, narrow wall you can run on, like a cat.

Outside Long (Car Outside Long, Taxi)

In CS2, there’s a car in this position (it wasn’t there back in Counter-Strike) so this serves as a great landmark to relay information (and to hide for some cheap kills).

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Long Doors

Also worth mentioning is, a “box” within this chamber, which you can boost on top of.

Blue (Blue Box)

It’s blue!

Pit (and Side Pit, Pit Plat)

Three parts of the Pit with a lot of camping spots available.

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Long Corner

Most common camping spot of a CT that guards the Long Doors.

A Long

Very wide and open area, try to smoke and flash before traversing it.

A Car

Trivia: Car didn’t exist in this position in Counter-Strike.

A Cross

Very important crossing, with dangers looming from basically everywhere

Elevator / Boost / Pocket

Great hiding spot with a lot of different names. Try to sneak a boost with your friend and surprise the opponents!

Short Boost

Great boost spot to rush Short as CT, somewhat fun, but difficult spot to defend Short from.

A Ramp

The entire slope is counter as Ramp, and there’s the “box” identifier as well if you spot someone hiding behind it.

A Default Plant

There are a lot of boxes there, but calling this location out will certainly be better than just saying “A” to someone.


One of the common camping spots as it provides a somewhat decent cover.


Named after one of the original creators of Counter-Strike, Minh Le “Goose”, because back in Counter-Strike, there was a graffiti “Goose.”

A Plat (Baskets)

Open space with a couple of baskets that also serve as an identifier.


Excellent hiding spot when someone is pushing Long. Sometimes, people don’t check this spot, and a lot of the time, Ninja defuses have happened. Because Ts sometimes do not leave the site and they defend short from there, it’s possible to sneak up without being seen and to toss a combination of a smoke grenade and flashbang grenades to open the possibility of doing a Ninja defuse.

A Short

Technically, Short is Short, whether it’s before or after the stairs. This is why some people have split it into “CT Short” and “T Short.”


There’s also a “Box Stairs” or “Boost Stairs” location (which does wonders against Lower Tunnel). Also, make sure to check under the stairs as a lot of people just don’t see the enemy crouching there.

CT Spawn

Where good guys spawn.

CT Mid

The AWP Shooting Range. What else do you need to know?

Mid Doors

Doors that are made of sturdier material, prevent CTs from getting shot through the doors early.

Close Mid Doors

Few nasty corners where someone can camp and get cheap kills on people who are entering through the Mid Doors.


A lot of things have changed on Dust 2, but this part’s construction was never finished. Use it well while it lasts!

B Window

The key point for offense/defense of B site, often a subject to Molotov Cocktails and Smoke Grenades.

B Doors

Same as above.

B Boxes

Boxes outside of B Doors towards the ramp (CT Spawn) that are important to note as they are a common camping spot.

B Car

While Car didn’t exist in the original Counter-Strike, it’s a very viable spot to place yourself when you’re defending B.

B Closet

It’s that pesky hiding spot that you must check every time when you’re pushing in, because every time you don’t, someone from that angle will come out and kill you. It’s also difficult to check it if you’re pushing in alone because there are so many other spots that enemies can hide in.

Big Box

Biggest Box on B Site.

Double Stack

Boxes that are one on top of the other on the B Site

B Back Site

The back end of the (we)B Site (we couldn’t resist a programmer pun). Take note of the “Under B Window” spot which is a common camp/plant spot.

B Default Plant

Default Plant is located right by the B site wall, under the boxes that are under the B Window.

B Plat

AWP Shooting Range 2: Electric Boogaloo.


One of many hiding spots on B Site which you must check when pushing in.


The very corner left from the Upper Tunnel exit from B Tunnels.

Upper Tunnels

Upper Level of Tunnels. There are some pillars and boxes and, of course, Stairs that you can use as identifiers.

Lower Tunnels (Dark)

Called “Dark” before because the brightness was so damn low. Also, the location where most of the knife kills occur. There’s a big box in the Lower which you should take note of.

Outside Tunnels

The entire zone under T Ramp and T Plat. If you’re rushing as CT, be careful.

T Ramp and T Plat

One of two ways that Ts use to go directly towards Upper Tunnels from T Spawn.

As a thank you for surviving until the end, here’s a meme callout map we’ve found:

Image posted by Reddit user WintryTheCow

Both noob and veteran players alike should relate to this image, especially the “You Go First” joke in Upper Tunnels.

Feel free to check out if you can use r_cleardecals in CS2.

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