CS:GO screenshot of the Dust 2 map

Best Smoke Grenade Spots on Dust 2 CS:GO Map

All the best Smoke Grenade Spots on CS:GO's iconic Dust 2 map.

Dust 2 is the defining map of Counter-Strike. So here are the best Smoke Grenade Spots on the iconic Dust 2 map.

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Best Smoke Grenade Spots on Dust 2 CS:GO Map

Dust 2 (or de_dust2 if we use the old-school nomenclature rules) is the most popular CS:GO map and is a Defuse type. Originating from the Half-Life mod along with the predecessor Dust (de_dust), it has been a staple ever since its release. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it was so popular that Valve added a separate Competitive bracket just for the map. If you asked us: “What’s the most iconic and game-defining map of CS:GO?” we would unanimously say “Dust 2!”

While the Dust 2 versions from older Counter-Strike games have remained mostly the same throughout the years, the CS:GO one has changed quite a few times—both minor and major—and one time, the entire map got reworked. The current version was released on October 18th, 2017. here are the best Smoke Spots on Dust 2 CS:GO map.

10 Best Smoke Spots on Dust 2 in CS:GO

Since Dust 2 is the most popular CS:GO map, it would be very useful to familiarize yourself with it and to learn the key spots where a well-placed Smoke Grenade can turn the tides within a round.

We’ll be pretty honest with you, there are a lot of great smoke spots in Dust 2, but we’ll cover the essential ones in this article. Keep in mind that sometimes, practice is necessary to time them right.

We will explain in detail where to position yourself, where to aim, and how to deploy the Smoke Grenade.

How to Smoke From T Long to CT Spawn Under A Site on Dust 2

  1. Place yourself between the wall and the barrel outside the door.
  2. Aim as seen in the picture, have your crosshair on the indicated wire above the edge of the street light. Then, start running full speed, and as soon as your crosshair passes the bottom red line, launch the smoke grenade.
  3. Depending on the timing of success, you will either perfectly cover the entire passage from CT spawn to Ramp, or you will leave small holes on either of the edges. At any rate, this smoke is very safe to toss and helps your teammates push onto A while disallowing CTs from CT Spawn to effectively strike back.

How to Smoke From T Spawn to CT Long Corner on Dust 2

  1. Place yourself between the boxes outside the T Spawn (en route to A).
  2. Aim straight above the indicated third pattern in a row, and stop the crosshair slightly above the wire (takes practice).
  3. Release the Smoke Grenade while remaining static. Now CTs can’t defend the doors effectively.

How to Smoke From T Long to CT Spawn on Dust 2

This smoke is a bit ridiculous when you see how complex the bounce is toward the destination.

  1. When you enter the doors on Long, steer left and notice the X pattern. Stand aligned on the middle line.
  2. Aim above the indicated corner, following the lines.
  3. While remaining static, release the smoke grenade with your left click.

How to Smoke Goose From Short on Dust 2

This smoke is probably the most difficult on the list and takes a lot of practice.

  1. Align yourself in line with the imaginary line between 1st and 2nd third of the box above.
  2. Crouch and look in the bottom half of the sixth stair from the top, keeping the crosshair in line with the right edge of the Aurora banner in the distance (see picture).
  3. While crouching, press Jump and toss the smoke grenade. Try to replicate the bounce pattern on the third image. Good luck.

How to Smoke Mid to B From Mid on Dust 2

  1. At the very entrance to Lower Tunnel, hit the side of the arc entrance that’s closer to T Spawn and look for the pattern on the image (around the middle of the arc).
  2. Aim where indicated, above the pointed top and just under the cable that’s above.
  3. Release the Smoke Grenade and feel free to rush inside the CT Spawn without much fear of enemies on B.

How to Smoke CT From Mid on Dust 2

  1. Place yourself in the corner at the palette next to X Box.
  2. Aim at the black stain on the brighter area of the wall as indicated in the image.
  3. Toss the Smoke Grenade and feel free to rush into B without worrying about enemies from CT Spawn and A.

How to Smoke B Doors From Tunnels on Dust 2

  1. Position yourself in the corner as indicated on the image.
  2. Aim around the middle of the imaginary red line as shown on the image, slightly to the right.
  3. Throw the Smoke Grenade. The idea is to hit the edge of the door with the second bounce for maximum effect, but even if you miss it and it passes the door edge, you should still be okay.

How to Smoke B Platform (Back B) From Tunnels on Dust 2

  1. As soon as you pass the entrance to the Tunnel from T Spawn, you will see this odd brick that’s visibly standing out. Position yourself as seen on the image so that you’re looking at the half of the left edge of that brick.
  2. Look up and aim at the crossing pictured above (the vertical line is around the half of that sky-colored space, and the horizontal one is the extension of the bottom board on the left).
  3. Eject your Smoke Grenade. Congratulations, no more pesky AWP Snipers from the back!

How to Smoke Long Doors From Car on Long on Dust 2

  1. Find the tile with the small bush, hug the wall, and stand on half of the tile.
  2. Aim as pictured, between the line that passes through the left edges of the ads on the wall and the bottom cable.
  3. Jump and release the Smoke Grenade. Depending on the angle, you can adjust how far the Smoke will go. Now enemies won’t dare to go in as they would be sitting ducks.

How to Aggressively Smoke Short From CT Spawn on Dust 2

This last smoke is fairly easy to perform, but has a ridiculous trajectory and can help your teammates position themselves better to defend against attacks via Catwalk to Short.

  1. Position yourself on the crates outside the CT as shown in the picture. Hug the wall and keep your crosshair on the indicated line.
  2. Look towards Short at the indicated spot, at the crossing of the imaginary line that goes on outside the antenna and the top wire.
  3. Release your Smoke Grenade while standing still. It will bounce for a bit and then fall on the ground before Ts make it to that location, scaring them off, and allowing easier defense for your team.

How to Practice Smoke Throwing in CS:GO

Smoke Throwing in CS:GO is fairly simple:

  • Make sure that the developer console is enabled in the game options.
  • Drop the console down with the “~” key.
  • Type in map de_dust2, and hit Enter.
  • After you join the game, type bot_kick in the console, and press Enter.
  • Then type in the following commands:
    • sv_cheats 1
    • mp_roundtime_defuse 60
    • mp_freezetime 0
    • mp_restartgame 1
    • sv_infinite_ammo 1
    • give weapon_smokegrenade
    • sv_grenade_trajectory 1

This gives you a long round for you to practice, infinite smoke grenades, and a trail that marks their path.

To move around the map faster, you can bind a key that you don’t regularly use to be a toggle for noclip (flying) so that you can follow where your smokes are going. For example, bind h noclip.

To align your grenade crosshair easier, you can bind a key that you don’t regularly use to be a toggle for large/small crosshair. If for example, your “cl_crosshairsize” is 5 (when you type in the command without a value), you can set, for example, F4, to toggle between a regular, and grenade crosshair: bind “F4” “toggle cl_crosshairsize 5 5000” (with the ” “).

That’s it for this Dust 2 smoke throwing guide. We hope that you liked it and we wish you great success with your training and that it leads to many round and match wins. We’ll post more as time passes in order to help you raise your competitive rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and in the meantime, why not check out some of our other CS:GO guides, like the most useful Console Commands for CS:GO. Happy fragging and may your aim be true!

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