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Most Useful CS:GO Console Commands (2022)

Time to become a 1337 h4x0r

by Nikola L

Greetings and welcome to another Prima Games CS:GO guide, where we will lay out the most useful and most important console commands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that too can use to improve your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning in all game modes, whether it’s a competitive matchmaking match, warzone, or just a random casual match.

Best CS:GO Console Commands (2022)

We will first provide some articles that are not necessarily a pre-requisite, but serve to introduce beginners to the usage of console and similar options.

First, if you do not have your console enabled, you should enable it. Check out How to Open Console in CS:GO.

Then take a look at the following:

And now, we will lay out some of the console commands that everyone who plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should know by heart. Also, here’s a hint: When you press TAB, the game will try to complete the command based on the letters that you have typed in so far.

  • /quit
    Turns off CS:GO and sends you to desktop. One of the best rage quit commands, also useful to quickly restart the game.
  • /disconnect
    Disconnects you from the current match. It’s faster than hitting Escape and then clicking options on your screen to get out of the game.
  • /net_graph
    0 is off, 1, is on (default), 2 shows the network behavior and 3 actually draws the data. Try it out for yourself. It’s useful to measure FPS and other cool stuff. /net_graphpos positions is left/middle/right with values 0, 1, and 2.
  • /cl_showFPS 1
    It’s to show your FPS!
  • /cl_use_opens_buy_menu 0
    Have you ever butterfingered the “E” button instead of W or D and opened the buy menu at the worst possible moment? That’s a rhetorical question. Turn it off, just in case.
  • /voice_enable 0
    Are you tired of the annoying voice chat in your match? If so, 0 disables the voice chat completely and 1 puts it back on.
    There is also a cute bind that you can do in the console to have a button that toggles the voice chat on and off. Very useful when you are all by yourself, people expect you to clutch, but they just won’t keep quiet. We use “N” because it’s fairly close for you to reach it, it is not used by anything else, but you do not need it THAT often.
    /bindtoggle “n” voice_enable
    /bind “n” “toggle voice_enable”
  • /r_clearDecals
    Why would you want to look at excessive blood splatters on the wall that obscure your vision? In fact, just bind it to a key that’s close enough to you as you will be pressing it a lot.
    /bind “h” “r_clearDecals”
  • /fps_max (FPS value)
    You should adjust this to your preference, depending on your monitor refresh rate, etc.
  • /r_drawParticles 0
    Disable small particles that you do not even need to see. Kind of improves your hardware performance, marginally.
  • /sensitivity
    The command to adjust your sensitivity precisely, with all the decimals you need.
  • /voice_scale
    Scales your voice chat sounds up or down compared to the overall master volume. Adjust according to your needs so that you can hear your teammates well AND the sounds around you.
  • /mm_dedicated_search_maxping 50
    Sets the maximum desired ping of the servers you are assigned to 50. Should prevent the matchmaking from assigning you to high-ping servers
  • Jumpthrow bind (we’ve put it as Mouse 4 button. This bind makes all of your jumpthrows perfect
    alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack”
    alias “-jumpthrowā€¯ “-jump”
    bind “mouse4” “+jumpthrow”
  • /cl_righthand 0
    Makes you hold the weapons with your left hand. Cool for people with a right dominant eye (that’s some higher science that we won’t get into).
  • Additional ViewModel position binds that you should toy with to find your own perfect ViewModel that doesn’t disturb your gameplay.:
    /viewmodel_offset_z (these three change the position on the x, y, and z-axis)
    /viewmodel_fov (these decide how far the model is)
  • /volume
    Change your master volume level. Be mindful of your hearing, do not set it too loud!

That’s it for now. We hope you will find good uses for them. Feel free to browse our other articles under the CS:GO game tag below.

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