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What is the Best Armor in Sons of the Forest? – Armor Tier List

...And which one is the best for LARP-ing innawoods

by Nikola L
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Sons of the Forest is still in Early Access, but there are still quite a few different armor sets that you can craft and find in the game. However, not all of them serve the same purpose, nor have the same damage mitigation, so it’s natural that you will ask yourself what armor is the best, and which one you should prioritize during your gameplay. Prima Games will guide you toward better armor usage efficiency, and we hope you’ll enjoy our Sons of the Forest guide.

Best Armors in Sons of the Forest – Ranked

We’ll start off with the Leaf Armor. It’s the weakest in Sons of the Forest, but it’s better than running around naked. The big plus of Leaf Armor, which no other armor has, is the Stealth that you get due to the camouflage. You will see that your “eye” icon is behaving differently when you are wearing a full set of Leaf Armor. It’s easy to craft because there is an abundance of the required materials. It’s best to hang out “innawoods”.

Deer / Moose (Hide) Armor is the second weakest in Sons of the Forest, and slightly harder to craft, because it is kind of hard to chase down these wild animals without a reliable ranged weapon. My playgroup just skipped it.

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Bone Armor is the next in line for discussion. It’s relatively easy to make, as you will often find yourself burning the corpses of cannibals and will struggle to carry all those bones with you. It sustains the damage better than the above armors, and you will most likely be using it a lot during mid-game.

Creepy Armor is one of the best armors in Sons of the Forest at this moment. It can be looted from the demons in various caves (in rare cases you’ll see them on the surface). If you are playing in Multiplayer, all of you can loot the same demon for the armor if you start the loot animation around the same time, so there are going to be a lot of “Ready? 1, 2, 3!” moments on your Discord channel. Creepy Armor can sustain a substantial amount of damage and we advise you to use it against Demons only due to its scarcity. Bone Armor will be sufficient on the surface world, with some dodge skills.

Now, some readers might hate what’s about to happen in this article, but it is what it is.

Golden Armor is a great anti-demon armor, despite the recent nerf in Patch 02. It reduces 70% of the incoming damage by demonic entities. However, it’s useless in the outside world. Do not be afraid of using it in the caves, because those bars you see do not indicate that your Golden Armor will be “spent” from taking damage.

Tech Armor is the best armor in the game right now. Of course, since it’s the best, you can’t really get it easily. It requires a hell lot of items and it must be crafted with a 3D printer.

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This concludes our Armor Tier List for Sons of the Forest. Check out our Sons of the Forest game tag below for a lot more content for this crazy survival game that keeps getting new content. We regularly follow the game so you may expect updates when they hit.

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