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How to Get Bones in Sons of the Forest

The game has a bone to pick with you!

by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest Helicopter

Sons of the Forest has a lot of interesting ways of acquiring various resources, the likes of which you don’t tend to see in most games. As one example, several items are found by using a 3D Printer located in the world instead of just finding it out in the world. The method for finding bones is no different and thus can be a bit confusing. Here’s how to get bones for various items in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Bones in Sons of the Forest

There are surprisingly two ways to find bones in Sons of the Forest, with one consistent and one random way. The first is to find them out in the world. In random spots across the map, you can find piles of bones and skulls sitting atop an inconspicuous rock. This will generally net a couple of bones, but won’t be a very consistent supply. That’s where the other method comes into play.

For method number two, you’re going to want to find a cannibal and kill them. Once you’ve killed them, pick up their body and take it to a nearby campfire. It doesn’t matter what size of campfire you take them to, as long as you’ve ensured the fire is lit. Once there, drop the body onto the fire and let its flesh melt off. As we said, it’s pretty morbid. Once that’s done, there will merely be bones left, which you can pick up. Now just rinse and repeat until you have as many bones as you want, likely for bone armor or something of the sort.

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Bones might not be the most useful item in all of Sons of the Forest, but they can be great for either the early or mid-game. Late-game you’ll want tech armor, but we’ll let you figure that one out yourself. Don’t forget a supply of food along the way, which our guide can help with.

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