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How to Get Food in Sons of the Forest

You are hungry...

by Joe Greene

Sons of the Forest starts the player in a very harsh environment. Soon after landing on the beach, you will find yourself hungry and thirsty. Your stomach begins to grumble as you remember most survival games have hunger bars. You must find food to survive in this mysterious land… Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to get food in Sons of the Forest.

How to Find Food in Sons of the Forest

There are many ways for the player to fill their hunger bar in Sons of the Forest. If you are just starting the game, the easiest way seems to be by killing, cooking, and eating seagulls.

To kill a seagull, just run up to it while it is on the beach and hit it with a hatchet or spear. You will be able to gut it for its meat after getting closer to it.

You can then cook this raw seagull meat in a campfire to regain 50% of your hunger bar.

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You can also find Energy Bars stashed away in various camps. They will replenish your hunger bar as well as gift you extra energy to expend.

Various berries and plants like Yarrow will replenish your hunger as well as your thirst bar, however, you will have to keep an eye out for these as they are quite hard to spot.

There are likely many additional ways to get food in Sons of the Forest, though this should get you started on your exploration throughout the rest of the island.

Now that you know how to feed yourself in Sons of the Forest, it’s time to get out there and not die!

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