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How to Craft in Sons of the Forest

Build the greatest arsenal you can!

by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest Crafting

Sons of the Forest is a survival game first and foremost, means several things. You need to ensure you have shelter, you’ll need a fresh supply of water and food, and of course, you’ll need to craft any required items to progress through the story and for your camp. Before you can do that, you’ll need to understand the game’s crafting system. Here’s how to craft in Sons of the Forest.

How Does Crafting Work in Sons of the Forest?

When pressing I to open your inventory, you’re met with a screen of your bag and everything you have available in your inventory. In most games, this menu would give you several crafting recipes and all the items required in a neat list (provided you’ve unlocked the recipe). Then, with a push of the button and after waiting for a little time, your item would be ready in your inventory to use however you please.

Sons of the Forest doesn’t do that, instead opting for a much more realistic crafting system. Instead of a neat grid featuring every item in your inventory, you have a large area to look around in and find each of the supplies you’ll need. As one example, look to your right, and you’ll find all the rocks and sticks you currently have. Right-click one to place it in the crafting space, and the game will show all possible crafting recipes and what you need to complete them. For the sticks, this includes items like the bow, spear, arrows, club, and more.

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As such, you’ll need to check the crafting recipes for each of your items to see how you can best combine them. This might be annoying at first, but once you’ve taken the time to learn the game, things should become much easier. Just make sure you have adequate food and water on top of this; our guide for the latter also being available.

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