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How to Make Planks in Sons of the Forest

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by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest How to Make Planks

Sons of the Forest is finally out, and with it comes a full refresh of everything the original game set out to do. There was already a lot of depth to the original, though with much deeper crafting systems, a better inventory to help you feel immersed, an AI companion, and more, it’s far better. One such feature with the new building systems is a little confusing at first, though easy once you get the hang of it. Here’s how to make planks in Sons of the Forest.

How Do You Make Planks in Sons of the Forest?

First things first, make sure you have your hatchet in your inventory. From there, chop down a tree by swinging at its base several times until the tree falls. Once it does, grab one of the logs and place it on the ground. You may want to put the log on flat ground, since having it elsewhere can make the next step a little tricky. Once you have it in a good spot, pull out your hatchet and look at the log until the red dotted line goes vertically down the middle. Once there, press left click, then again to confirm the chop. When you’ve done that, you’ll have two planks, which can be infinitely repeated for more planks.

There is a much easier way than this, particularly if you’re building and not just putting spare planks into storage. Follow the same steps earlier up to grabbing one of the logs. Once it’s in hand, bring it over to your construction project (it has to be one of the outline projects for this to work). Once there, place it like you’re placing a log, and your character will automatically cut the log into planks and place them down. Quite convenient, instead of chopping every log you see open.

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Knowing how to make planks is merely the first step of the journey. You’ll have plenty more to do as things progress, though it can be useful with the help of friends. Be sure to check our guide, should you want to know the staggering amount of people you can bring along for the ride.

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