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What is the Player Limit for Sons of the Forest Multiplayer Co-Op? – Answered

Send you army into that wilderness armed to the teeth.

by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest Turtle

The sequel to everyone’s favorite wilderness survival game, The Forest, is finally available in early access. As a member of a military team sent in to retrieve a missing family, you’re tasked with exploring the wilderness, surviving off the land, and combating any foes, horrifying or not. That’s all the more fun with friends by your side, though how many can tag along may be a little up in the air. Here’s the player limit for Sons of the Forest when playing multiplayer co-op.

How Many People Can Play Sons of the Forest Together?

When The Forest was first released back in 2018, the game was touted for a lot of different things. One particularly great feature was the eight-player limit on co-op games. Survival games were notorious at the time for being mostly solo, or at best four-player multiplayer. With its limit being so high, it was rare that you’d have too many people to enjoy a game together.

While the team hasn’t discussed it much, Sons of the Forest continues this trend with an eight-player limit for multiplayer co-op. While the helicopters you arrive in are quite small and already house a pilot and your AI companion Kelvin, there was somehow room for eight other people. Don’t ask us; we don’t know how it works either.

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With this full group of people, you may have more manpower though that also means more mouths to feed. Each player requires a healthy bit of resources, between both food and water, so you better have some industrial farms in mind. You’ll also all need weapons, armor, shelter, and…well, you get the picture. Thankfully, the game also features instanced loot, meaning all players can loot the same item. You can even trade with each other, in case one teammate’s doing a lot of the melee combat for your ranged allies. On the way, be sure not to forget a controller, in case you prefer that for one reason or another.

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