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Does Sons of the Forest Have Controller Support? – Answered

Can you brave the wilderness on controller?

by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest Helicopter

Sons of the Forest is now available in early access, and players are already jumping in to see all the changed and improved features for the new game. While early access means the content isn’t incredible at the moment, there’s still plenty to it for those who want to dive deep and begin setting up a base. Before you jump in though, you may wonder if you can play on your favorite input device. Here’s whether Sons of the Forest has controller support.

Can You Play Sons of the Forest With a Controller?

Given its exclusivity to PC, you may guess it can only be played on a mouse and keyboard. While you’d be right in a lot of cases, that actually isn’t the case here. If you check the Steam page for Sons of the Forest, one of the tags available is full controller support. Just to be sure, we also jumped into the game and plugged in an Xbox controller. Lo and behold, the game felt just fine after getting the hang of the controls.

For most people, playing games on your PC with a mouse and keyboard, more specifically with first-person games, is easily the way to go. For those that find the control scheme a little awkward, or grew up playing games on controllers, it’s a much better experience for them. Besides, being able to play games on whatever input device you want isn’t hurting anyone. If anything, it simply improves accessibility and lets more people enjoy it.

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Before we go, we felt there was one more thing worth mentioning. If you’re going to play on a controller, be sure to jump into the settings and set Toggle Crouch and Toggle Sprint to on. With it off, you’re forced to hold down the analog sticks which can quickly become uncomfortable. If you love it then don’t switch it, but it’s something we suggest for most people. While you’re here, be sure to check and see if you can play the original with your friends on other platforms with our guide.

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