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What is Scan Rig to Unlock Workstation in Dead Space Remake? – Answered

But I can't scan my rig to unlock it anywhere!

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake naturally holds a lot of secrets for the more keen-eyed and exploratory players out there. Provided you’re willing to head off the beaten path or try things the game doesn’t ask you to, you’ll be swiftly rewarded with either supplies, a new weapon, or maybe even nodes to upgrade your gear. One particular note in the environment seems to be throwing some players off, though. Here’s what Scan Rig to Unlock Workstation means in Dead Space Remake.

How Do You Scan Rig to Unlock Workstation in Dead Space Remake?

Chances are, the reason you’re asking this is that a random screen in the game has that message displayed. With no scanner or workstation to interact with though, you may be left a tad confused. No need to worry, as these messages are completely meaningless. While they might seem to be getting straight to the point, they’re more an environmental decoration than anything. We know, that’s rather annoying given they seem like instructions, but it’s the case.

Most environmental screens can be ignored for one reason or another. Either they’re merely a lore tool to give us an idea of what happened in a certain section of the ship, or they could be illegible data that does not affect the game world at all. That is of course unless it’s a blue or red screen that you’re meant to interact with. Either way, most orange screens can be completely ignored.

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If you’re ever confused about if something is a kiosk you can interact with, you can always check the map within your rig’s menu. If there’s a square with an icon in the area, that means it can be interacted with. If not, you’re safe to just move on.

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