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What is Karma in Bitlife? – Explained

Karma is a Bi....tlife. :D

by Nikola L
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Karma is a way for the Universe to keep tabs on what you are doing to the people and the environment around you. While in real life it is a mythical and mystical matter, in BitLife it is precisely and mathematically defined, like some sort of a social score/credit. If you do good stuff the game will reward your character, whereas if you do nefarious stuff, the game will find ways to punish your character and hinder its progress. Read further to learn more about how you too can alter your character’s Karma in Bitlife, here on Prima Games!

How to Increase or Decrease Karma in Bitlife? – Answered

Each action that you take has a karmic impact on your character’s score. It is straightforward: if you do positive actions in Bitlife, your karma will grow. If you do negative actions, your karma will drop. Having a good standing in the eyes of the Universe will help your character live longer and get out of some tricky situations more easily while having a bad standing does the opposite. We will provide some examples below.

Actions that Increase Karma in Bitlife

Here are some positive actions you can take in Bitlife to increase your Karma:

  • Being polite to people and saying positive stuff about them, to them
  • Reporting criminal activity to the police
  • Donating to the less fortunate
  • Saving people from danger
  • Serving your country’s military
  • Helping people in general

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Actions that Decrease Karma in Bitlife

Here are some negative actions you can take in Bitlife to decrease your Karma (please do this only if you need specific achievements).

  • Verbal arguments
  • Physical altercations
  • All forms of crime and jail time
  • Cheating
  • Letting people die when you could have saved them
  • Passing STDs on
  • Doing drugs

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How to Check Your Karma in Bitlife?

There are two ways to check Karma. The first one, you won’t like, because it requires your character to die. The other one is to meditate. You can do this from the Mind and Body tab. We hope that this guide was helpful! Please check our Bitlife tag below for more cool Bitlife articles here on Prima Games!

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