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How to Work for Bitlife in Bitlife

Yo dawg, I heard you like working for Bitlife while playing Bitlife.

by Nikola L
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Bitlife is truly one of a kind life simulator game, where you can be many things, such as a doctor, scientist, influencer, teacher, or even something illegal or criminal. Something that most of us did not honestly expect is an employment in Bitlife, within Bitlife. That is indeed some West Coast Customs (Xzibit’s Pimp my Ride show) meme material right there for all we know! You too can join in on the BitLife craze from Android and iOS devices.

How to Get a Job with Bitlife within the Bitlife Game

We’ll cut right to the chase with the instructions for this feat in Bitlife. It is not unusual for game developers to put themselves in a game they are developing, whether it’s in a serious fashion, or in a comical sense. If you want to work in Bitlife while playing Bitlife, this can be achieved through following these instructions.

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First, you will need to be in Miami. The best way is to be born in Miami, but nothing is stopping you from moving to it during your virtual life in Bitlife. This is because the headquarters of the developer team is situated there.
The second pre-requisite would be, of course, to study Computer Science. You aim to be a developer in Bitlife, so you should work on your smarts from the day your Bitlife character is born.

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How to Unlock the “Candywriter” Achievement in Bitlife

When you are done with your education, you need to hit a job as a Junior Developer at the company that made Bitlife: Candywriter. Under the Jobs section, you will perhaps need to do some soft rerolling by restarting the app, or wait a while until the jobs naturally refresh. Once you find Candywriter, apply, and if you get hired, you will unlock the achievement!

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