What is Amethyst Used For in Minecraft? – Answered

Here are the crafting instructions for you :)

Amethyst is quite a peculiar thing in Minecraft, often hidden in the depths of the Minecraft world. While it’s not that difficult to find it and farm it, a lot of players don’t know what to do with all the Amethyst that they dig up. Prima Games is here to tell you what you can do with Amethyst in Minecraft and what it’s used for.

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Where To Find Amethyst in Minecraft

Prima Games has made a separate article where you can learn how and where to find Amethyst so that you can commence your farm session:

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What Can You Do With Amethyst Shards in Minecraft?

There are not many things that you can do with Amethyst in Minecraft. However, this does not reduce the importance of Amethyst and the products (crafts) that you can make.

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How to Craft Block of Amethyst in Minecraft

Realistically speaking, we gave this item the first spot due to the alphabetical order. The block has a lovely purple tint and can be used as a decorative wall. A lot of you love the purple color, so why not? You can also use them for the sound aesthetic it provides when you walk over them. They emit a chimey sound which many people will find soothing.

You can make a block by joining 4 Amethyst Shards in a 2×2 square anywhere in your crafting window.

How to Craft Spyglass in Minecraft

Spyglass can be crafted by putting one Amethyst Shard and two Copper Ingots in a vertical column with the Amethyst Shard being on top in the crafting menu. Spyglass is basically a scope that allows you to look into the distance.

How to Craft Tinted Glass in Minecraft

Tinted Glass can be crafted by putting a glass block in the middle (slot 5) and by putting four Amethyst Shards up, down, left, and right from it (slots 2, 4, 6, and 8). Tinted Glass is cool because, like in real life, it absorbs the light that’s directed at it.

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