What is a Lost Sector in Destiny 2? – List of Lost Sectors

New to Guardian duties? Not sure what makes a Lost Sector in Destiny 2? We'll help you out and we've also got a list of them.

If you’re new to this whole Guardian business in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then you might be wanting to know a little bit more about these Lost Sectors that keep cropping up all over the place. They’re not just fun places to hang about with your mates. Ever want to know what is a Lost Sector in Destiny 2? We’ll give you a quick rundown and list all of the ones that you can access. 

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What is a Lost Sector in Destiny 2? – List of Lost Sectors

If you’re looking for a Lost Sector, then well, you’re in luck. There’s heaps in Destiny 2. What are they exactly, though? They’re kinda like little combat instances, with their own bosses and enemies to kill. Once you’ve put down everything in your path in a Lost Sector, you’ll be able to get some loot. You’ll also be taken to a lot of these when you’re asked to complete bounties for people like Spider, including his most recent Blood Cleaver bounty. https://primagames.com/tips/destiny-2-blood-cleaver-bounty-guide

We’ve compiled a list of Lost Sectors that are accessible in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep for your convenience. We’ve also sorted them by the various locales and included their final bosses:

EDZ, Earth

  • Pathfinder’s Crash – Cabal Incendior Zerz
  • The Pit – Cabal Centurion Kurg
  • Excavation Site XII – Cabal Colossus Dust-Choked Thrag
  • Scavenger’s Den – Fallen Graxus
  • The Drain – Fallen Drekthas
  • Whispered Falls – Fallen Keldrik
  • Flooded Chasm – Fallen Phyzann
  • Cavern of Souls – Taken Knight Varghul
  • Hallowed Grove – Taken Captain Vendraxis
  • Shaft 13 – Fallen Calzar
  • Skydock IV – Cabal Colossus Devourer Darg
  • The Quarry – Cabal Centurion Fortifier Yann
  • Atrium – Fallen Skexis, Outcast Captain
  • Terminus East – Fallen Kalsis
  • Widow’s Walk – Fallen Mazan
  • The Weep – Fallen Rannix

New Pacific Arcology, Titan

  • Methane Flush – Hive Wizard Karugul
  • Cargo Bay 3 – Hive Ogre Golmuut
  • DS Quarters-2 – Hive Knight Thaan’Hul

Arcadian Valley, Nessus

  • The Orrery – Vex Minotaur Thyrdron
  • The Rift – Fallen Talas
  • The Carrion Pit – Fallen Servitor Nariks Reborn
  • The Conflux – Cabal Colossus Primus Cal’aug
  • Ancient’s Haunt – Vex Hydra Pakrion

Echo Mesa, Io

  • Grove of Ulan-Tan, Vex Minotaur Qeldron
  • Aphix Conduit – Vex Hydra Ruined Mind
  • Sanctum of Bones – Taken Knight Pandrok

Fields of Glass, Mercury

  • Pariah’s Refuge – Vex Minotaur Subterranean Mind

Hellas Basin, Mars

  • Core Terminus – Hive Knight Keresh
  • Ma’adim Subterrane – Cabal Colossus Valus Dulurc

The Tangled Shore, The Reef

  • Empty Tank – Fallen Azilis
  • Kingship Dock – Vilzii
  • Wolfship Turbine – Hive Ogre Segrex
  • Trappers Cave – Cabal Centurion Garut Gra’am
  • Shipyard AWO/23 – Fallen Servitor Zetix-7

The Dreaming City, The Reef

  • Bay of Drowned Wishes – Yirksii
  • Aphelion’s Rest – Ur Haraak
  • Chamber of Starlight – Inkasi

The Moon

  • K1 Communion – Nightmare of Rizaahn
  • K1 Logistics – Kelnix Reborn
  • K1 Communion Crew Quarters – Nightmare of Reykis
  • K1 Revelation – Nightmare of Arguth

Now that you’re hopefully clued in about what is a Lost Sector in Destiny 2, stumbling across one should be less confusing. With the full list up there for you, Guardians of all power levels should have something to look forward to. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep? Check out our tips and tricks below:

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