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What Happens if You Wait an Hour in G3 Recruitment in High on Life? – Answered

Waiting, and waiting...and waiting.

by Shawn Robinson

High on Life is no stranger to secrets, alongside its endless stream of bizarre jokes. With Kenny outright referencing popular shows like Code Lyoko and games like Resident Evil, they wear nods to other pieces of media on their sleeves. One of these secrets isn’t a reference to anything specific but is rather the result of doing something incredibly silly and time-wasting. Here’s what happens if you wait an hour in the G3 recruitment center in High on Life.

What Happens After Waiting an Hour in High on Life?

This particular section comes up during the Bounty: Douglas main mission, as you try and infiltrate the G3 through their recruitment and gooping yourself (don’t ask how that happens). At some point during the training, you’ll be put inside a room with a giant TV, where Douglas will tell you to wait in the room for one hour. What you’re supposed to do here is to find a way out, but you can sit there looking at the screen for an hour if you wish. Most people won’t do that, though we’ll give you the details if you’re curious.

For the opening minutes, Kenny will beg you not to stay and wait the full hour since it’s pointless. Knifey will even chime in for a moment to chat with you, the Bounty Hunter. After those opening minutes, though, you’ll only have Douglas every 15 minutes “congratulating” you on your progress. Once that full hour is up, he’ll allow you to proceed, but the door that’s supposed to lift behind the screen will break. This forces you to go the secret path anyways, so you’ll have wasted an hour of your life. What a reward.

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Regardless, it’s funny to at least see the banter from Kenny and Knifey at the start, so we suggest at least waiting a couple of minutes if you’re curious about that. Otherwise, go safely enjoy the rest of your adventures killing bounties!

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