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What Happens if You Don’t Leave the Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

In an RPG, you have to get the bad ending first.

by Jordan Lemons

Honkai: Star Rail is snapping back to traditional role-playing game antics what with interacting with inanimate objects and exploring a limited map to make the world seem bigger than it is. We’ve all seen the journey of what happens when you chose to sleep in the closet of the Grand Hotel in Belabog, but did you know there was a secret ending before you even left Herta’s Space Station? So, what happens if you don’t leave the Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail? We’ve got your answer below.

What Happens if You Don’t Leave the Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail?

If you chose to stay at Herta’s Space Station instead of leaving to enjoy a game that expands the brilliance of space travel and unravels a whirlwind of thrilling adventures on your fingertips then, well, you get a subsequent average ending. Honkai: Star Rail has created a Bad End for players that refuse to get on the Express and instead choose to stay with Herta at her Space Station. 

After the bulk of the prologue plays out, you discuss plans with Himeko and Herta on what your next steps would be. Himeko would like you to go with her and the others on the Astral Express, so you can explore other worlds and possibly find out more about the Stellaron for yourself. While Herta would prefer that you stay at the Space Station so that she can study you, although she herself says that she may get bored over time and lose interest. Normally, this would look like a pretty one-way situation with the story insisting that your best path forward is to take the Express. But you’d be missing out on a pretty cool bad ending!

After consolidating your business within the Space Station, you can meet Himeko at the docks to give her your final verdict. Although you’ll see that Himeko expects you to tag along, you can indeed insist on staying behind at the Space Station, wishing her and the rest of the Stellaron Hunters all the best. 

Thus, we enter the Epilogue almost as soon as we exit out of the Prologue! 

We learn your Main Character becomes a researcher at the Space Station shortly after Herta loses all interest in you and the Stellaron. The Astral Express members occasionally visit the Station, but eventually, we hear that they succumb to the dangers of their journey and the Astral Express meets its end. Perhaps it would have been different if you were there, but that’s not what this ending is about!

The end credits roll and we get to see a few Easter Egg surprises! Such as never finding out who March 7th really was and confirmation that Welt is originally from Honkai Impact 3rd. You don’t need to know much about that game except that Welt was originally Joachim Nokanvirtanen, the First Herrscher, and Sovereign of the Anti-Entropy group. It’s implied in Honkai: Star Rail that he traveled to this universe in order to complete a mission there and is only confirmed in the end credits of a bad end in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Already, this game is full of strange and yet fascinating secrets. The devs behind Hoyoverse and Cognosphere taking full advantage of all the tropes, tricks, and overlooked missions that role-playing games are known for. If you’d like to see more, be sure to check out the Honkai: Star Rail tag belong as we report and follow along with all the weird intricacies this game has to offer!

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