All Guide Paradox Mission Endings in Honkai: Star Rail

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Guide Paradox is an Adventure Mission in Honkai: Star Rail located in the Herta Space Station. Interestingly enough, there are multiple endings for this quest. Although rewards are still pretty much the same, the outcome for a certain character might be way different. 

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And in case you’ve just stumbled on this article, we’ll also give a quick guide on how to unlock and complete this optional quest. The endings can be found at the bottom of this article to avoid spoilers.

Guide Paradox Mission Guide in Honkai Star Rail

Guide Paradox must first be triggered by receiving a specific message from Arlan on your smartphone, which can randomly happen anytime after you complete the Trailblaze Missions in the Herta Space Station area. If you don’t have it yet, keep completing your current Adventure Missions in the station until it pops up. For me, it happened after completing the Sensitive Beings (I) mission.

Arlan will talk to you about a videotape being stolen. Head to the Master Control Zone to speak with Esther and continue the mission, where your objective will be to find said tapes (there are actually three of them missing). They will all be found in the Supply Zone area, so head there and retrieve them. After witnessing them all and the story of Sheila, you’ll pass out and wake up at the medical bay.

You’ll come across someone who claims to be Sheila and is suffering from short-term memory loss. She asks you to find a place in her memory, which is also in the Supply Zone. After finding some intriguing notes, go back and search for Sheila to reveal the truth.

All Guide Paradox Mission Endings

When you confront Gunn with facts, he’ll finally spit out the truth: the Sheila here is an android created in the image of the original Sheila Nova, his long-deceased lover. The android eventually discovered her identity and Gunn tried to “fix” her up, which ended up causing the quest’s events. In the end, you get to choose Sheila’s fate:

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1 – Please Tell Sheila the Truth

If you decide to tell her about her origins, the android claims that she feels like she just had a long dream about her “previous” life. She starts having an existential crisis as she realizes that all that she had is an illusion. Her wish, friends, birthday and even her dream. All of them are fake. 

Joanne notices that her cognitive module is burned due to the information overload, and remarks that telling her the truth was probably the worst outcome possible. A very blunt way of saying that this is the bad ending.

2 – Please “Fix” Sheila’s Cognition

Sheila introduces herself to you once more as her recent memories (and her self-discovery) were completely wiped out and it’s now oblivious to her true nature. Joanne makes a few remarks about how her mere existence is a piece of art as even diagnostics machines couldn’t tell her apart from a real human being. Joanne says that this was probably the best outcome possible for her. In other words, this is the “good” ending. She may never know the truth, but it might be for the best.

3 – Please Destroy Sheila

Sheila is nowhere to be found, and Joanne claims that it’s a shame that such a perfect creation has to be destroyed. She wonders if Gunn will be true to his words and really put her down. She makes no remarks on whether it was a good or bad decision, so this can be considered the neutral ending.

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Regardless of your decision, go back to Esther to retrieve the tapes. She will tell you a story about a researcher who witnessed his lover dying alone due to the lack of oxygen in deep space. Pretty much the same thing that happened to Gunn and Sheila. She doesn’t delve much deeper and rewards you with x100 Trailblazer Experience, x30 Stellar Jades, x3 Adventure Logs, x50 Hertareum and x5000 Credits.

There are no bonuses or achievements for reaching a specific ending, so just pick whichever you like the best. Things will never go well for Sheila regardless of your ending, but at least you might give her a pleasant illusion for a while.

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