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How to Increase Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail

Can you bring Equilibrium?

by Patrick Souza

Equilibrium is Honkai: Star Rail’s approach to difficulty scaling and progression. As you increase it, enemies in the overworld get stronger but also give you better loot. This is similar to Genshin Impact’s World Level system with just a few changes. When you first start the game, your Equilibrium level is 0 and leveling up your Trailblaze Level doesn’t do anything to it. Leveling it requires some extra effort, and here you’ll learn how to do it.

How to Increase Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail

Equilibrium can be enhanced after reaching Trailblaze Level 20 and completing the mission “Not Good with Farewells”. A new Adventure Mission named “Trial of the Equilibrium” will appear in your log, so grab it. You cannot get past Trailblaze Level 20 if you don’t increase your Equilibrium level, so increasing Equilibrium is essential to progression. Head to the location indicated by the quest with some well-geared characters and enter the portal.

The trial is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t be a problem as long as you bring some Wind, Ice and Lightning characters. After defeating those two guardians, your Equilibrium Level will finally increase. 

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You get access to the Crimson Calyxes to help level your characters’ Traces and also an extra permanent Technique point as a bonus. If you had enough Experience to get past level 20, you’ll also get those “stored” levels all at once.

Enemies in all maps will have their levels increased and now drop better items. You might even get a few Relic drops here and there more often. Further levels give even higher rewards and allow you to ascend your characters past level 40. The maximum Equilibrium Level is currently 6.

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All Trailblaze Level Requirements for Increasing Equilibrium

These are the levels your account needs to be in order to reach a higher Equilibrium:

  • Equilibrium 1 – Level 20
  • Equilibrium 2 – Level 30
  • Equilibrium 3 – Level 40
  • Equilibrium 4 – Level 50
  • Equilibrium 5 – Level 60
  • Equilibrium 6 – Level 65

While you cannot decrease your Equilibrium level back to zero, the difficulty scaling is not as big as in Genshin Impact, for example, where you’re allowed to tune enemies down after reaching Adventure Rank 40 and completing its World Level ascension. Star Rail draws a lot from its distant cousin, but you cannot lower your overall difficulty.

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