How to Get to Trailblaze Level 24 Fast in Honkai Star Rail

How to Get to Trailblaze Level 24 Fast in Honkai: Star Rail

Get past quest level requirements in no time at all!

Level requirements in games are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they’re great for encouraging you to check out some side quests and other non-main story content the game offers. On the other hand, it can lead to days of mindless grinding until you finally reach the level you need to continue progressing. Honkai: Star Rail’s first significant barrier is during a main story quest requiring Trailblaze 24, which you encounter once you hit around 21-22. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to increase your Trailblaze level quickly in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to Increase Your Trailblaze Level Fast in Honkai: Star Rail

By this point, I’ll assume you’re here because you’ve reached a stop in the main story and can only progress further once you increase your level. You’ll experience this twice early on, requiring Trailblaze levels 24 and 29 for specific missions. If you still need to reach this point in the story, do this for some extra experience!

Once you’re unable to progress further into the main story, you have a few options for increasing your Trailblaze level quickly:

  • Companion and Adventure missions
  • Calyx Challenge Waves
  • Daily Training and Operation Briefing

Completing Companion and Adventure Missions

Honkai Star Rail Side Missions for Trailblaze EXP
A few hundred EXP goes a long way! | Image via Honkai: Star Rail (PC)

While this one may initially seem like a no-brainer, forgetting your side quests is easy if you mainly focus on the main story. Make sure you complete every side quest available to you for some extra EXP! While you naturally unlock more missions by progressing through the story, you’ll also find some by talking to NPCs through your in-game messages app. Be sure to open all these up, talk to various characters and complete their quests!

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Calyx Bud Challenges

Calyx Bud Challenges for Quick Trailblaze Level HSR

The Calyx is a strange flower-like bud you’ll encounter throughout your travels that allows you to fight waves of enemies for rewards. As you raise your Equilibrium level, you’ll find more Calyx buds to try out with higher-level enemies. Alongside level-up resources for your characters and traces, you’ll also gain 50 EXP for each challenge wave you complete. To put it into perspective, doing three sets of six waves using 180 Trailblaze energy grants you 900 EXP. That equals 3-4 side quests in just a few minutes!

If manually fighting six waves of enemies doesn’t sound particularly exciting to you, don’t worry; you can use HSR’s auto-battling system if you want to sit back and relax for a few minutes.

Once you drain your Trailblaze energy, you can either replenish more or leave and do other things for a bit before returning and repeating the process.

Daily Training and Operation Briefing

Honkai Star Rail Daily Training for Trailblaze EXP

Each day, you’ll gain various tasks in your Daily Training menu, asking you to perform simple activities in exchange for points. These tasks usually range from levelling up a character once to participating in the Simulated Universe. You’ll gain rewards by reaching each activity milestone, including 200 EXP. By getting 500 points total in the day, you’ll get 1000 EXP toward your Trailblaze level.

Similarly, each task in Operation Briefing nets you an additional 100 EXP, giving you 500 for each part you finish. While these take slightly longer, you’ll complete them over time as you do quests, open treasures, and level up your characters.

While Honkai: Star Rail offers numerous ways to increase your Trailblaze level fast, especially once you reach the level 24 and 29 requirements, these are just a few methods you can use each day to climb the ranks and progress quickly.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS. To learn more about the game, check out our complete Honkai: Star Rail content list by clicking the tag below!

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