What Engine is Diablo 4 Running On? – Answered

The engine from hell might take your GPU's soul

What Engine is Diablo 4 Running On - Answered

Diablo IV has arrived and millions of players are already destroying their mice by endlessly clicking, okay some are playing on the controllers too because the version for consoles is also very good – however, you came to this article because you are wondering which game engine drives the new Diablo. It is indeed a mystery case, so let’s try and find out what engine Diablo 4 is running on.

The Mystery of Diablo 4’s Engine

Having played many video games for years and following gaming-related news websites, many fans, and gamers alike are willingly or not involved in the process of the game development, so they are very familiar with the terms like a game engine. Knowing the ins and outs of different game engines gives you the ability to sometimes guess some of the features that the game powered by certain engines will have. Remember the infamous texture loading in UE4 or the terrible performance of anything made in Unity on the last-gen consoles?

Many engines are used for game development today and many companies use several common ones, while only the biggest in the industry develop their own proprietary engines. EA has Frostbite, Guerrilla has Decima, while Blizzard… well, they have some of their own engines but they don’t bother to give them fancy names or to disclose them to the public, so players usually don’t know what powers which of their titles.

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So coming back to Diablo 4, the answer is – we don’t know. Nobody outside Bizzard knows for sure. While fans speculate that Diablo 4 runs a modified engine that powered Diablo 3, or even Diablo II Resurrected, some claim that it is even the heavily modified Overwatch engine – Blizzard did not give us a definitive answer. Although in one of the first Q&A sessions when the game was just announced the folks from Blizzard only confirmed that the game will use a brand-new engine. However, some of the more recent posts on Diablo 4 forums made by Blizzard employees claim otherwise – that it is a modernized version of one of their past proprietary engines that now uses a new renderer and new lighting system.

In the end, we still don’t have a definitive answer to the question of which engine Diablo 4 is running on, because Blizzard is being old-school stubborn like that. Let them worry about engines and you worry about getting a new mouse or a GPU, how about that? But seriously, this engine whatever it is has some strange quirks, especially in the PC version, a strange bug during the beta test phase caused some graphic cards to just… burn and die. Yikes!

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