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Stop the Servants of Hell.

Legion Event Diablo 4
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World Bosses have been one of the major selling points of Diablo 4, but the Gathering Legions are another much less talked about World Event. These group activities can appear in Sanctuary, and they can be confusing the first time you see them appear, but I’m here to outline what the events are and how they work.

Diablo 4: Gathering Legions Event Explained

The Gathering Legions event is a group activity that tasks you with taking down Servants of Hell and their Overlord. These legion events spawn in random major regions, such as Scosglen or the Dry Steppes. Upon completion, two chests will drop to the ground with the potential to drop high-tier loot.

When one of the Gathering Legion events is about to begin, you will see a white circle icon appear on the Sanctuary map with the Legions title. When the icon appears, you have five minutes to arrive at the location before the chaos begins.

Each Gathering Legion event will have a bonfire in the waiting area. Interact with this bonfire to receive bonus damage during the event.

When the timer is up, the true Gathering Legions event begins in Diablo 4. These are not meant for solo players and they are set up like much more dangerous versions of the standard World Events. As soon as the event begins, you have mere minutes to wipe out waves of enemies, like goat men in Scosglen, that serve as The Gathering Legions. If you can manage to slay enough of these minions, then a ritual will begin with an Elite to summon the Overlord.

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Within the legion event I completed in Scosglen, I took down the elite Servant of Hell enemy during the ritual. But there are three in total that can be killed for a mastery reward. Once I got to World Tier 3 and World Tier 4, taking out all three servants became much easier. Regardless of how many servants you take out, the Overlord will still appear at the end.

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After taking down the Overlord, which acts as the main boss for The Gathering Legions in Diablo 4, you will get your full reward. You can expect some powerful gear and Obols to use at the Purveyor of Curiosities vendor later on.

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