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What Does Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon Go Do? – Answered

Check out the newest incense!

by Madison Benson
Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense

Pokemon Go is a go-to game for many people who want to walk outside and explore. While you may encounter plenty of Pokemon in some areas, others may only spawn one or two at a time. If you’re someone that actively plays the game and wants to find Pokemon more often, look no further as Niantic recently announced the addition of the Daily Adventure Incense. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover what the Daily Adventure Incense does in Pokemon Go.

What Does Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon Go Do?

The Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon Go is a newly planned incense that increases the encounter rate of Pokemon around you. Unlike regular incense obtained from Special Research Tasks or in the shop for PokeCoins, the Daily Adventure Incense is free to use once a day. After using it, it’ll be unavailable to activate until the following day.

Despite the Daily Adventure Incense being free to obtain each day, you won’t be able to get your hands on it immediately. Before you’re able to use it, you must complete the Special Research task dedicated to teaching you about the Incense.

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Upon use, the Daily Adventure Incense lasts for 15 minutes. During this time, you’ll encounter Pokemon more frequently, including ones that typically do not spawn in the wild often. However, you cannot activate it more than once and can’t have other incense on until the Daily Adventure Incense wears off. Similarly, if you use another incense, you must wait until it goes inactive before using the Daily Incense.

To activate the Daily Adventure Incense, head to your Item Bag and scroll down until you find it in your list. Interact with it to find a blue effect around your character, indicating that the Incense is active and that Pokemon spawn rates around you will increase. From here, as you’re moving around, you can interact with Pokemon and catch them as usual.

Pokemon Go is available to play on Android and iOS devices through the official website. For more information about the game, check out How to Battle With Your Buddy and, if you’d like to strengthen your Pokemon, the Best Moveset for Machamp.

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