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How to Battle With Your Buddy in Pokemon Go

Bring a buddy, train a buddy, battle a buddy.

by Jesse Vitelli

In Pokemon Go, there are a ton of different activities you can do with your buddy Pokemon. Go on walks together, catch different mons together, and even battle! Here is how to battle with your buddy Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

How to Battle With Your Buddy in Pokemon Go

Battling with your buddy Pokemon is actually super easy. Before any fight, whether that be a gym battle, raid, trainer, or Team Rocket GO fight, simply make sure the Pokemon you have selected as your buddy is included on the roster you bring into battle. Yes, it really is that simple.

It doesn’t actually have to participate in the battle itself, it just needs to be on the team that goes into the fight.

That means if you have a super low-level ‘mon as your buddy, you can put them on the team and have all of your beefier and stronger Pokemon do the actual work.

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Just be aware that you’re essentially going in with five Pokemon instead of six as your low-level buddy Pokemon won’t be of much use to the actual fight.

Of course, pick a battle you know you can win under these circumstances. Unless of course, your buddy Pokemon is also one of your strongest! Then battle to your heart’s content.

Before going into battle make sure all of your Pokemon are healed up and ready to go for battle. Check your type effectiveness and the movesets of each one to make sure you’re best equipped for the task at hand.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to battle with your buddy Pokemon. There are plenty of other activities to participate in with Pokemon Go, like catching Shiny Pokemon! Get out there and have fun with it.

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