What do the Blood Trails do in Halls of Torment? – Answered


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You may have noticed Mysterious Blood Trails appearing in the first stage of Halls of Torment and are likely wondering what they mean. Maybe they lead to something dangerous, or a treasure hunt map? Well, it’s neither, technically. Blood Trails will enable you to get the Token of Pain and in this article, I’ll be glad to explain to you everything you need to know about this feature in Halls of Torment. Maybe, you have stumbled upon a Purple Shard or two as well.

Where do the Blood Trails Lead to in Halls of Torment?

When you start out on the first level, you will see a bloody trail pretty close to your starting point. In all honesty, you should follow it. However, there are two ends to this bloody trail and there’s something cool in the middle as well. I’ll give you a short breakdown.

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In the middle of the path, there is a book that explains something in a very cryptic way, resembling a ritual. That’s not a very relevant thing other than for your orientation, because it indicates you’re on the half of the path. At each end of the path, there is a bone mass with some purple shenanigans around it (check the image at the top of the article).

What is a Purple Shard in Halls of Torment? – Answered

One end has a big circle, while the other end has three small circles. “100” is the number that you will see, and it informs you how many kills you need to perform within the limits of these circles. After doing the deed, you will get half of the Token of Pain. Get both halves, and you have Token of Pain ready. They look like Purple Shards and they are difficult to miss once they drop.

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What Does the Token of Pain Do in Halls of Torment?

Token of Pain reduces the final boss HP to 50% for both “phases” so it’s a VERY useful thing to have, because it does not cost you a lot of time, and actually saves quite a lot of time in the final boss fight.

That’s all you need to know about the Blood Trails and Token of Pain in Halls of Torment. If you want to read more about HoT check out stuff like How Many Levels are in Halls of Torment? – Answered and Halls of Torment vs. Vampire Survivors: Differences and Similarities located at our game tag below.

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