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What Counters Reaper in Overwatch 2? – Answered

Reap the Reaper!

by Shawn Robinson
Overwatch 2 Reaper

Overwatch 2 is a game all about countering your opponent. You could play just about anything against any character and probably be fine, but playing Genji against Winston will always be a worse time than playing Reaper against Winston. Knowing who counters what can help a ton in winning your matches, and the ghost man with two shotguns is no different. Here’s what counters Reaper in Overwatch 2.

What Characters Counter Reaper in Overwatch 2?

The main weakness of Reaper in Overwatch 2 is his range. His two shotguns can do some devastating damage up close, but when you throw some distance in, his effectiveness drops to near zero. That doesn’t mean you should underestimate him though since he has two main ways of closing distance with his teleport and Fade. With this all in mind, here’s who you should play if Reaper is giving you some trouble.

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Tank Characters

  • D.va
    • Despite the colossal size of her mech, D.va can completely ruin any chance of a Reaper messing up your team. Her Defense Matrix can deny anything a Reaper can throw at your team, especially if he’s silly enough to try his ult. With some good management of the ability, he should do your team no harm.
  • Sigma
    • Despite him not seeming like the greatest pick, Sigma can bring some trouble to a Reaper’s day. Being able to eat any shots he throws out is a godsend, especially when those shots then give you shields making his job harder. The rock can also cancel Reaper’s ult, which could be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

Damage Characters

  • Cassidy
    • While the lack of flashbang has hurt his ability to counter Reaper, Cassidy still offers a ton of ways to mess a Reaper up. Thanks to his relatively large hitbox, landing Peacekeeper shots onto Reaper is surprisingly easy. Provided you’re safe with your Magnetic Grenade and wait for his Fade to be used, the combo can seriously ruin his day.
  • Ashe
    • For the double whammy of cowpeople, Ashe also has an easy time dispatching any rude Reapers. She has the range taken care of easily with her main gun, while her Coach Gun can help her gain some distance. BOB might struggle with some barrel stuffing of Reaper’s shotguns, but it’s a small price to pay.

Support Characters

  • Baptiste
    • Everyone’s favorite Haitian can ruin a Reaper’s day pretty easily. His damage is surprisingly high given he’s a support character, but he can also throw down Immortality Field to shut down any pesky dives into the backline. Just try to take him down before the field disappears, or you’re in for a bad time.
  • Moira
    • While she wouldn’t seem like the best call, Moira’s Shift ability is a pretty objective counter to anything Reaper tries to pull off. It’ll take some skill and patience, but once you learn it he’ll never be an issue again. You can’t forget Moira’s high damage either, which can slowly melt away a Reaper’s surprisingly tanky health pool.

While there are other characters that can dispatch Reaper easily enough, we feel these provide a good place to start. Now you’ll just need to know how to counter the rest of the roster, which you can start with through Orisa in our guide.

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