What are the Elements in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

Time to learn a new set of rules!

As we prep to go into a fresh new game from Hoyoverse, we’re in for a whole new world of mechanics. Something’s new, sometimes old, Honkai: Star Rail is reinvigorating elements for their characters so here’s a list of the elements that we’ll be seeing in the game and what is effective/ineffective when they face off against each other.

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All Elements in Honkai: Star Rail Listed

In addition to dealing set Elemental damage, each element in Honkai: Star Rail can do a special effect on account of breaking enemies’ toughness.


Deals Fire Damage. When breaking enemies’ toughness, this will apply the Burn effect that deals Fire Damage over time.


Deals Ice Damage. When breaking enemies’ toughness, this will apply the Frozen effect that immobilizes enemies and deals Ice Damage over time. 


Deals Imaginary Damage. No, this is not a joke; it’ll appear as an actual number. But it is a funny thing to say. When breaking enemies’ toughness, this will apply Imprisonment, which reduces the opponent’s speed and delays the enemy’s actions.


Deals Lightning Damage. When breaking enemies’ toughness, this will apply the Shock effect that deals Lightning damage over time.


Deal Physical Damage. When breaking enemies’ toughness, this will apply the Bleed effect that deals Physical Damage over time. 


Deals Wind Damage. When breaking enemies’ toughness, this will apply the Wind Shear effect that will deal Wind Damage over time. 


Deals Quantum Damage. When breaking enemies’ toughness, this will apply Entanglement and delay enemy actions while also dealing Quantum Damage over time.

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What is Toughness in Honkai: Star Rail

Screenshot Nabbed from Honkai: Star Rail Youtube Boarding Preparation Special Program

Funny enough, you won’t have to worry about the different types of effects that come together when mixing two or more elements like you would in Genshin Impact. Honkai: Star Rail doesn’t even really take a page from Honkai Impact 3rd where its three types of Physic, Biologic, and Mecha rotate type advantage with Quantum and Imaginary effective against one another. 

Instead, the game will automatically tell you what the enemy’s weakness is just above their health and Toughness bar over their head. Health is one thing, but a Toughness bar? Think of it like a shield. Matching up the element or elements, depending on the enemy, they may have more than one weakness; you can break down their toughness Shield, leaving them vulnerable in a Break.

When enemies enter a Break state, they cannot attack for one turn and will take increased damage from the rest of your allies that still have an active turn available. You can use an Elemental attack before you even enter the battle. In Honkai: Star Rail, you’re able to explore the world freely while occasionally encountering enemies out in the open. Using an Attack, you’re able to get a leg up in the battle by going first and surprising the enemy. With an Elemental Attack, you can break their shields or weaken them preemptively. If your enemy attacks first, then you may be on the side of having one of the effects brought on by the Elements listed above.

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