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All Playable Characters in Honkai: Star Rail Listed

Who are you most excited for?

by Jordan Lemons

One of the most exciting things about a HoYoverse game is the characters that will be available for collection. It really is just some kind of Pokemon game at this point, not just for their personality but for their different fighting styles and the combinations you can come up with in the turn of battle. Or maybe you really just like the way a character looks or their personality? Either way! Here is a list of all of the Honkai: Star Rail characters we can expect to be playable once the game releases and in later banners. 

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All Playable Characters in Honkai: Star Rail

Note: Not all of the characters in this list will be playable upon release. And information may be subject to change given Hoyoverse’s control on leaks and information until the game’s official release.

Arlan★★★★The DestructionLightning
Argenti★★★★★The EruditionPhysical
Asta★★★★The HarmonyFire
Bailu★★★★★The AbundanceLightning
Blade★★★★★The DestructionWind
Bronya★★★★★The HarmonyWind
Clara★★★★★The DestructionPhysical
Dan Heng★★★★The HuntWind
Fu Xuan★★★★★The PreservationQuantum
Gepard★★★★★The PreservationIce
Herta★★★★The EruditionIce
Himeko★★★★★The EruditionFire
Hook★★★★The DestructionFire
Huo Huo★★★★★The AbundanceWind
Jing Yuan★★★★★The EruditionLightning
Kafka★★★★★The NihilityLightning
Luka★★★★The NihilityPhysical
Luocha★★★★★The AbundanceImaginary
March 7th★★★★The PreservationIce
Natasha★★★★The AbundancePhysical
Pela★★★★The NihilityIce
Qingque★★★★The EruditionQuantum
Sampo★★★★The NihilityWind
Screwllum★★★★The EruditionImaginary
Seele★★★★★The HuntQuantum
Serval★★★★The EruditionLightning
Silver Wolf★★★★★The NihilityQuantum
Sushang★★★★The HuntPhysical
Tingyun★★★★The HarmonyLightning
Trailblazer★★★★★Adaptive Adaptive
Welt★★★★★The NihilityImaginary
Xueyi★★★★The DestructionQuantum
Yanqing★★★★★The HuntIce
Yukong★★★★The HarmonyImaginary
Updated as of May 2023

Be sure to keep up with us as we update the list and cover other facets of the game, and we’ll see you on the day of its release on April 26!

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